Norway | October 2019

In good company: global teams visit Norway HQ


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Having colleagues across the world is something we treasure at Papirfly.
We have different perspectives, cultures, ideas and yet, together we share a single mission and a ‘one-team’ spirit that’s truly embraced.

 Across the UK, Norway, North America and Denmark we communicate digitally every day, Google Hangouts, emails, Whatsapp, phone calls – you name it. But we also understand the value of face-to-face interactions, the importance of regular get-togethers that include everyone across the business – our developers, client services team, sales, directors and all those in between.

 This year, on the 19-20th September, we flew all offices out to Norway, where we enjoyed two days discussing company growth, undertaking workshops and team-bonding in the form of breath-taking sight-seeing.

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The purpose of the trip was much wider than a company update, everyone got the chance to hear first-hand everything we’ve achieved as a team in the last few years and where the company is heading next. We got to share company-wide initiatives and goals, increasing the appreciation of each department’s role, with the opportunity to ask questions and give opinions.

 Day one kicked off with Per, CEO and Founder of Papirfly, who welcomed and introduced the new staff to the Papirfly family. This led naturally into a collaborative update between Per and Phil (CEO), who shared the exciting plans for Papirfly’s growth and areas of focus over the next few years. 

The day also included insightful presentations on the following topics (many thanks to all employees who took part):

 The role of Partnerships in Papirfly’s future – Sara, Global Director Employer Brand 

An introduction to the new product features in development – Roy, Product Manager and Torbjørn, VP Products

A sneak peak at the upcoming product for the SME market – Age, Senior Project Manager

Specialist markets – client success and updates – Sara, Global Director Employer Brand, Michael - Global Director Corporate, Frode, Global Director Retail

Security and business continuity – Knut, VP Projects, Tim, Operations Team Lead

The morning of presentations was rounded off with a marketing update from Luke, Brand & Marketing Director. With plenty of videos, new office updates, and positioning pieces to share, Luke ended on an incredibly high note – the first look at our brand new website.  

The team then got to choose from four different workshops which gave them the opportunity to learn more about an area of the business they may not have too much interaction with. The options were: 

  • Product development; developing a new/enhanced module - Roy and Torbjørn
  • Client implementation; a typical project - Knut and Trine, Senior Project Managers
  • Client Support; a day at support - Morten, Client Success Manager
  • Client Success Management; tasks and routine - Eddie, Global Products & Projects Director 

It was a busy day, and the team was left with an incredible buzz surrounding the developments. And what better setting to discuss the day’s happenings than on a boat cruise to see the Norwegina Fjords then on to dinner by the seafront (not before a quick pitstop to see The Pulpit Rock, made famous by Mission Impossible).

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Day two gave global teams the opportunity to go about their day-to-day in the Norway office and hold any face-to-face meetings that ordinarily would have taken place online. Of course, this included having a group lunch to experience the local cuisine and get to know each other a bit better.

Each year, we get together as a team at least once or twice (last year at a castle in Spain), and each time we do, we’re reminded of the spirit each and every single employee embodies. Their hard work and dedication is the driving force behind our success, and it gave both Per and Phil great pride in sharing all the great news about the company’s progression. 

After the success of this year’s trip, we’re already looking forward to 2020!

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