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Are there user guides available?

Yes. User guides for each of our unified products are available to our users through our Knowledge Base here.


Can content be different in different languages of Point?

You have several options here. If the language versions are similar, we advice to use one Point instance for all languages. As an editor you can choose which pages should be published for each language. Each page created in any language is available in all other languages. This means that if the different language versions are totally different in structure and content, we advise to create multiple instances of Point.


Can I access Produce templates from Point?

Yes, you can. Any page in Point can include a widget where you define which templates should be available on that particular page. Here you also define who is allowed to create new templates based on the master templates, as well as more detailed privilege settings.


Can I build the brand portal in my company’s visual identity?

Yes, you can. Papirfly comes with a UI builder that enables you to skin Point in your own style, including fonts, colours, button appearance, grids, and much more.


Can I collaborate?

Yes, you will be able to cooperate and collaborate with your colleagues. You share lists of documents. Workflow capabilities for approval is coming later.


Can I control who can upload?

Yes, you can grant upload access to the DAM.


Can I convert files?

Yes, you can transcode. See here for more information.


Can I create multiple sites with different URL’s?

Yes, you can. Contact us, and we will help you set this up together with your internal IT department.


Can I create press archive using Point / Place

Yes, you can. You can make any page/branch of Point available without login. Please note that you cannot make creatives from templates in public mode. Please also note that reporting becomes worse, due to all downloads and page views is marked as “anonymous user”


Can I decide which metadata fields are available for my assets?

Yes, you can select which metadata fields are available.

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