Freedom to fly with BAM by Papirfly™

Transform the way you work forever with our all-in-one brand activation software. Papirfly empowers your entire team to create studio-quality assets for print and digital platforms in a matter of minutes.

Over 500,000 BAM by Papirfly™ users worldwide and counting
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If someone hasn’t got Papirfly, get it. It saves time, saves money, it saves effort and it just allows everyone to be able to become an employee advocate.
Discover how the Vodafone team simplified their marketing production through a single platform.
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Save time

Say goodbye to agency briefs, lengthy queues and approval processes. Deliver market-ready marketing assets and maximise the day-to-day.

Infinite creations

One licence holds the key to unlimited print, digital, social, video and email marketing assets. Saturate your markets, make budgets go further, and divert savings to increase ad spend.

High-speed delivery

Respond to global market demands in real-time and create materials in as little as half an hour through Papirfly’s all-in-one creation platform.

Global localisation

Harness multilingual features and ensure your campaigns speak the languages of your local markets. Create tailored materials without fuss and in a fraction of the time.

Simplicity in action

No expertise required. Intelligent pre-set templates allow for effortless creations with less than an hour’s training. From onboarding to delivery, we keep things seamlessly simple.

Brand consistency

Lock down key elements through templates and protect your brand. Keep fonts, colours, imagery and more completely aligned with minimal effort.

User empowerment

Give your team the tools they need to work efficiently and autonomously. Increase production quality, frequency and free up time to focus on your big picture strategy.

Complete control

You make the rules. Pre-defined templates allow your team to be agile and responsive in their marketing without compromising on design or brand consistency.

Freedom to fly with BAM by Papirfly™

BAM by Papirfly™ – working hard for…


Secure the future of your clients’ brands globally

Elevate your value as a strategic agency and help your clients activate their brand in ways they never thought possible. Prevent inconsistencies from damaging brand reputation, drive campaign effectiveness and impact employee thinking across the world.

Employer branding

Effective tools to attract the best talent

Increase time and cost efficiencies while freeing yourself to focus on employer brand strategies. Empower your team with the gift of autonomy and launch absolute global brand governance without the need for specialist support.

Retail marketing

Reduce your dependency on specialists once and for all

Allow your team everything needed to deliver materials at speed for in-store signage, POS, campaigns and more, all without agency support. Full PIM and ERP integration empowers you to create professional digital and printed promotions with ease and up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Corporate comms and marketing

Create consistently effective marketing and simplify your day-to-day

Align internal and external communications, govern your brand globally and start producing cost-effective marketing collateral. Papirfly gives anyone the ability to take design delivery in-house, no creatives required.

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