Brilliantly simple marketing software.

What is Papirfly?

About Papirfly

Since our launch in Norway in 2000, we’ve helped hundreds of companies across the world reduce their reliance on expensive production agencies. Papirfly's 6000+ users bring control in-house and produce their own multi-media marketing, to exactly the same professional standard, extremely fast and for a fraction of the cost.

No fuss, no compromise, just brilliantly simple marketing. Brand compliance is guaranteed. Marketing assets are centrally stored. Global communication and collaboration is easy.

Papirfly is so simple to use, it takes just one hour of training to produce expert print and digital marketing. The savings are incredible, regularly as much as 80% per month.

Repurpose resources, gain a competitive advantage, increase ROI, shorten time to market and enjoy brand consistency across all communications. 


8 modular solutions, to make brand marketing easy.

Together we’ll pick and mix the perfect blend for you.

Our Brand Portal combines popular modules, containing all the ingredients you need to take control of your marketing and make the most of your budget, time and brand.

Brand Portal

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Social Media

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HTML email

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Web banners

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Digital Signage

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All of our core products, in one simple package.

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Marketing is a contest for people’s attention. That’s why we continually evolve our technology. We want to make sure you stay ahead.



We’re always seeking ways to further enhance our fantastic security record. For example, we offer single sign on, as it improves productivity and makes it easier for users.

Social Media

You need to connect across all social media. That’s why Papirfly makes it super simple to create and export content direct to your social media pages. It couldn’t be easier.

Workflow Management

We automate as much workflow as possible, for example automatically generating emails with the correct file type, to save time and guarantee quality.