Simplify campaign execution for teams everywhere

Plan equips each user with all they need to know in order to collaborate on their activities with greater agility.

Provide real-time campaign information

Give users a bird’s-eye view of all relevant activities. Add DAM assets, plus update and display key information as campaigns develop such as task status, budgets, key contacts, and more.

Users can:

  • Select between list and dynamic view
  • Adjust timeline
  • Add DAM assets to a specific activity
  • Change campaign status and accessibility
  • Plan campaigns for local execution

Build layouts based on user needs

Design specific layouts for activities, campaigns and events according to business needs. Structure hierarchies via user or region for global to local view flexibility depending on user needs.

Admin users can:

  • Customise layouts for each activity
  • Define your own text and media elements
  • Define separate access levels for the user groups

Create approval projects and invite reviewers

Allow effective coordination and communication between various departments in complex approval workflows. With Plan Approvals, projects move forward smoothly with input from all stakeholders.

Admin users can:

  • Set up new projects for creatives or DAM assets
  • Choose between global or local projects
  • Set correct response time to meet deadlines
  • Invite either single-stage or multi-stage reviewers

Upload new material that needs to be approved

Let initiators upload their material and notify reviewers immediately. Reviewers can easily comment, annotate and change status to speed up the process. Initiators can quickly update new versions and keep everyone in the loop.

Defined users groups can:

  • Upload new material and new versions
  • Automatically notify reviewers by email
  • Comment, annotate or change status
  • Always ensure material is approved and compliant

“With the implementation of Papirfly, we set the foundation for a new marketing approach.

Instead of time-consuming communication between HQ and the countries, everyone benefits from the simplified processes and can access the system at anytime, from anywhere”

Anna Ryszka,
Digital Marketing Manager, GRENKE AG

Feature overview

Co-op project creation

Set up campaigns with centralised or local activities, mapping hierarchies so every user has all they need to know on specific or a broad range of campaigns.

Activity layout settings

Compose elements and widgets including time ranges, status, assignees, briefs, budgets, and more, and adjust settings for each element including access rights and validation rules

Layout builder

Drag and drop layout elements to create bespoke dropdowns, tick boxes and comments sections depending on the needs of a specific single or set of activities

Project overview

See all designed creatives or assets which are used in the project with simplified information including title, thumbnail, created date, due date, initiator, reviewers and version number

Approval projects

Create and assign project to a specific designer or agency, allocating reviewers to the material to ensure clear workflows for sign-off

Review tool

Make comments and annotations on specific material, and view information such as stage name and reviewers overview, with a dropdown for changing the status from Pending review, Needs changes, Rejected and Approved


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Simplify campaign execution for teams everywhere

  • Empower teams to deliver a speedy and consistent brand experience
  • Do more for less, and create value with from every campaign in every location
  • Gain control, grow globally and maintain workflows that work for your enterprise