Deliver your single source of truth

Place provides Digital Asset Management access to all users to utilise pre-approved and fully compliant assets for their specific needs.

Centralise every asset for all activities

Upload unlimited assets and categorise for easy access by all users. Set clear usage rights to groups of assets by campaign, region, and more, setting expiry dates when assets are no longer valid. Share assets in seconds.

Users can:

  • Upload and tag new images
  • Search DAM using multiple categories
  • Manage expiry date, visibility and versions
  • Use automatic tagging and manage GDPR
  • Crop multiple sizes and share a collection

Transcode videos and images

Generate different versions of multiple assets with ease and flexibility. Create different sizes, hi or low resolution video and images, different formats such as PNG, PDF or anything that you may have had an external agency create in the past.

Provide current versions of all assets

Guarantee up to date assets are available to all users, at all times. Eliminate incorrect and old asset use by centralising in the DAM, ensuring corrected and official versions are accessible across your organisation. Empower users to use DAM with confidence it provides a single source of truth.

“To someone considering adopting Papirfly, I’d say, “just do it”. It has saved me and the local team so much time. I know that the assets they’re creating are of this high standard and are completely on-brand.”

Jo Bedford,
Global Recruitment Branding Manager

Feature overview

Version control

Provides full access to your asset history, recording any changes to files and ensuring your team works from the most recent version

Artificial Intelligence

Deploy a trusted assistant to help you find the assets and supporting metadata you’re looking for, our AI driven system provides adjustable confidence settings to optimise your search

Smart upload

Drag and drop your assets in bulk or individually from a mobile app. Deliver them safely to a designated drop zone, whilst ensuring your metadata is pre-set and never compromised

Flexible access control

Establish flexible access settings and user rights, controlling access to the platform for internal and external visitors

AI-assisted translation

Automatically translating your metadata from its source text to another language, accelerating the search process

CDN and image service

Use SEO-optimised URLs to request the images you need, specifying the file size and format – collaborate with us on how you’d like them customised and cropped


This product connects seamlessly with every solution within our brand management platform, and to other software applications in your tech stack using our API. Take a look at our ever-growing list of integrations.

Discover our Place brochure.

Explore our knowledge base full of help-to-guides, product sheets and a full glossary of key terms.

Deliver your single source of truth

  • Empower all users to find, use and create collateral with all pre-approved assets
  • Do more for less, and share files easily across your enterprise while providing external partners with access
  • Gain control of all assets with expiry dates and specific usage rights, and fully control every aspect of your brand