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Papirfly – Contender in Digital Asset Management by The Forrester Wave™ 

As one of 13 global vendors named in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management, Q1 2024 report, Papirfly is among those leading the way in the ever-evolving DAM landscape.


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Papirfly focuses on being the first and last destination for its customers’ users every day: where every brand asset lives, where campaigns come to life, and how everyone stays on brand.

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management, Q1 2024

Exceptional brand and campaign management

Papirfly shines in brand and campaign portals with the ability to manage sub-brand assets at a high level of complexity.

Seamless usability and integration

Papirfly’s customers shared that their platform is “easy to use with simple, seamless integration of template editing, and excellent support.”

Partnering for strategic growth

Papirfly invests in strategic partnerships to expand its product offerings and support its clients, including IBM, BMW, Unilever, and Vodafone.

“Being named a contender in the DAM space by Forrester is a massive achievement for us. But for us, it’s the start of something much bigger. It’s a strong foundation for us to continue to redefine DAM and deliver a complete brand management solution for our customers.”

Stefan Ropers,
CEO, Papirfly

Taking the next step for DAM: A brand management ecosystem

Being listed in the Forrester Wave™ is a testament to our vision, hard work, and the quality of our platform. But, it is also a confirmation that our way of defining DAM is not only innovative, but essential for the future of brand management technology.

A future beyond DAM

One of the biggest takeaways from the Forrester Wave™ report is that modern DAM must become more than a DAM.

At Papirfly we have always viewed DAM as just one part of a much broader, powerful solution – one that encapsulates everything modern marketers need to manage the lifecycle of their brand. Find out how we’re pushing DAM further to unlock new standards of consistency, productivity and performance.

Invest in end-to-end brand management

In an increasingly global and fragmented landscape, investing in comprehensive brand management technology is central to long-term brand success.

It’s time to enter a world that transcends DAM. A platform that not only manages assets, but empowers you to create, distribute and optimise content across every touchpoint. Discover the advantage of investing in Papirfly’s holistic, integrated approach to brand management.

“Papirfly offers a core ecosystem for the entire lifecycle of a brand. One platform where users can create, maintain, monitor and manage assets quickly and seamlessly. By harnessing developments in AI and focusing on integration and scalability, we are opening the door to a future of greater consistency and improved efficiencies for marketers globally.”

Thanh Nguyen,
VP of Product Development, Papirfly

DAM built for today and tomorrow

As integration, scalability and AI become more sought-after in DAM systems, we are constantly working to ensure our platform is aligned with these key trends.

Learn how Papirfly makes integration effortless to streamline your operations and support your long-term growth, and how we’re utilising AI developments to make it easier for our users to locate and generate relevant assets.

Driving design and strategic creativity

Today’s DAM systems need to do more than store assets – they are expected to play an active role in design and creative processes.

Establish a digital platform that serves as a clear home foPapirfly’s platform is on top of this emerging trend. Find out how our solution empowers you to get innovative with your assets and personalise content for individual audiences, while keeping everything on-brand at all times.

Papirfly – the future of DAM, the home of brand management

  • Find out why The Forrester Wave™ ranks our DAM solution among the best in the world
  • Discover why holistic brand management represents a better, brighter future for DAM
  • Unlock the commercial advantage of investing in one end-to-end platform