Compliance and security

Papirfly currently has ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System certification and has recently started the ISO 27001 Information Security certification process. Papirfly also uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a hosting provider and therefore benefits from all the AWS ISO certifications and SOC 2 audits.

Papirfly has signed contracts and data processing agreements with customers to outline their responsibilities as the data processor and custodian of the customer’s data. Papirfly ensures compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws, and implements various technical and organizational measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data, including encryption, business continuity systems, and various security policies.


There are three levels of integrations:
1: A Papirfly built connector or third party connector enabling seamless access and delivery of assets across applications.
2: Partner systems built to communicate with our products to empower workflows across applications.
3: REST API with full access to our products for custom workflows for developers, partners and customers.

An integration is to connect third party applications and workflows to Papirfly products. Enabling a seamless workday for our end users.



Yes, you can set which user groups or specific users will be part of each local unit. You can then let these users only operate within their locality. You can also aggregate local data for the managers which can have a birds-eye view on all ongoing activities under a specific country, region, or a different local area.

You can use for example list view to get a better overview of all ongoing activities. You can also search and filter all ongoing activities according to specific values used in these activities.

Plan is integrated with Place in order to let users select Place assets and creatives and display these in Plan campaigns and activities. According to user rights, each user can use and see in Plan activities specific Place assets which the user has access.

Part of the Papirfly product suite which helps user with co-operating on different projects – e.g. marketing campaigns. Users in Plan can organize themselves within multiple ongoing campaigns, assigns activities to specific users, set different workflows and collaborate together. Part of this product are also approval loops where users can comment or annotate different kind of materials in order to have it approved before it will be used in campaigns and activities.


Yes, you can. But then the page must be defined as “Public”. If so, you can upload an image, title, and description to the page admin to steer how the social media post will look like.

Flagship Papirfly product. Fun and easy CMS system tailored for brand and marketing needs. Present your assets, your templates, your guidelines and your marketing plans in an on-brand one stop shop


With all document types, be it print, graphic, or video, you can simply copy an existing document and resize it to the desired size as many times as you like. Social media graphics also have the option to produce multiple sizes within the same document if you prefer.

Part of the Papirfly product suite that allows users to create their marketing material on their own. PDF, social media graphics, videos, etc.


will see us bring all of our products’ strengths together for the first time. Where customers might have only used – and loved – one or two products in the past they’ll be able to access all of them in one enterprise-grade tool. One access, one look and feel, one ecosystem. Further, we’ll be able to add our latest product – deep analytics and reporting capability – to the heart of the joined-up product, launching what will be known as Prove simultaneously.

We had a market-leading product in each of our service areas. We didn’t have glaring gaps, we didn’t have to focus on ‘fixing’ broken products, and we didn’t have significant innovation gaps in the market either. This meant we knew, very quickly, that our primary task was to bring everything together in one family.

Increased efficiency: By having all the necessary tools in one platform, users can work more efficiently and complete tasks more quickly. Improved collaboration: With all team members using the same platform, collaboration becomes easier and more streamlined.

Data accuracy: With all data synced across all products within the platform, data accuracy is improved and discrepancies are minimized.

Customisability: Users can choose which products within the platform they want to use, allowing for a customizable experience.

Cost-effective: Using a platform of 5 different products is often more cost-effective than purchasing each product separately from another company.


Part of the Papirfly product suite that allows users to analyse team activity to measure performance and output.

Roadmap and Product Management

By visiting our Product Portal, you can submit your own ideas and feedback on what integrations and features you’d like to see in our products. Our Product team will review all submissions and using our Product Discovery methodology, identify the right features at the right time that solve the right problems.

Roadmap and Product Management

How does Papirfly develop features?

Papirfly’s software delivery lifecycle takes into consideration qualitative and quantitative data, which means that we’re constantly delving into the data (both our customer and user data and usage data) as well understanding our customer’s and user’s needs and requirements to ensure that when we develop features, they’re the right ones at the right time that solve the right problems. You can get involved in feeding into our roadmap by visiting our RoadmapTV page and contributing to our Product Discovery.

Papirfly’s roadmap is ever evolving, and being updated. You can find more information about the features on our roadmap, their priorities, and when we expect to release them within the unified product on our Product Portal.


A dedicated onboarding team works closely with the customer providing prompt and clear responses and support. Through workshops and deep diving into the customers’ pain points and needs we discover the requirements for the setup of the platform. As part of onboarding the key contacts receive in-depth training. As part of the launch, the full user base is given training according to the customer’s needs. When the platform is launched and used in daily work, our support organization is committed to providing a seamless onboarding experience. We offer dedicated assistance, comprehensive documentation, a responsive help desk,and proactive issue resolution Papirfly will assist the customer with the rollout and engagement planning in connection with the launch to ensure that the implementation is a success. When the solution is launched and in use the customer also has a customer experience specialist at hand to answer questions and ensure they get the full value of the solution.

We train the admin users of the platform and we make sure that they get the value of the platform in their daily work, before the onboarding is finished. As part of the launch the full user base is given training according to the customers agreed needs.

Power. Flexibility. Scalability. These became the pillars of our new product vision. The newly unified Papirfly product suite offers customers the ability to do everything they need to in one place, move simply and swiftly between different functionalities, and access a product offering that is absolutely greater than the sum of its parts.


Standard SLA with our customers includes the following support response times:
Scandinavian customers: 30 minutes between 08:00 – 16:00 CET
Global clients: 2 hours between 10:30 – 18:30 CET

A dedicated onboarding team guides the customer through a defined process of discovery, configuration, and specifications ensuring a successfully tailored delivery. The team focuses on understanding the customer’s specific workflow, needs, and pain points to ensure the solution we deliver is right for each customer. Our mission is to provide a seamless and positive experience that will add real value, as well as ROI.


We are very excited to be able to bring our existing customers on this journey and provide a broader feature set and improved customer experience to them. Availability of the new solution will dependent on the current solution and utilised features. For some customers, the first upgrades will be rolled out in the upcoming months while others will have to wait a bit longer. We expect all our customers to have all new features available during 2024. Our Customer Success Representatives will be in touch with you to coordinate further.

Yes, we offer SSO. Please contact our Customer Success team to find out more information on how Papirfly supports SSO for our customers.

Papirfly is able to provide technical documentation to customers who need to understand Papirfly’s APIs and how they are used or how to integrate with them. Please contact our Customer Support team, who will put you in touch with our technical teams to provide the appropriate documentation for your needs.

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