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We’re Papirfly’s Product team, a group of Product Managers, Product Marketers, Product Designers, and our Chief Product Officer. Our work focuses on the delivery of a powerful, flexible, and scalable product suite. We do this by having a defined, user-led, and strategic product roadmap.

This is your place to share your feedback and ideas directly with us so we can continually improve our product offering and innovate for the future.

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We’ve created this view of our roadmap so you can gain insight into what we’re working on now, what we’re going to work on next, and what we’re thinking about working on later.

We’ll use this space to share updates, thought leadership, and other roadmap related content to give you a behind the scenes look at Papirfly and what our Product team are delivering.

Have an idea, insight, or any feedback on our roadmap? Use the link below to have your say.

Contribute directly to our roadmap

Papirfly is constantly evolving our roadmap, and we do this by following a “product discovery” framework. Product discovery is the process of identifying and understanding customer needs and pain points in order to develop products that solve those problems and meet their needs, which means that our products and features are always valuable, usable, and feasible.

Want to get involved? The space on the right has a test we are currently running, click the button to get involved and contribute valuable feedback to help us shape our roadmap!

Image/video library feedback
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Goals of the test
  • Understand how our customers and users are engaging with image/video libraries
  • Get feedback on a specific image/video library Papirfly is considering

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