Our story

Since 2000, we’ve been helping global brand teams to deliver professional marketing without specialist support.

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Our vision

Papirfly simplifies the everyday.

We automate difficult marketing tasks. Deliver real value in brand governance and employee autonomy. Empower global teams and give them the freedom to fly.

Every brand has a promise, and ours is to deliver quality, consistency and efficiency for each and every one of our industry-leading clients. If you believe there’s a better way for your teams to be more productive, you’ve found the answer.

Over 500,000 BAM by Papirfly™ users worldwide and counting

A word from our Founder and Chairman. Meet Per.

When I started Papirfly back in 2000, I had a vision that would help empower people, give them solutions to their marketing problems and overcome the operational challenges they faced every single day. Back then, it was considered near on impossible to create marketing materials without specialist support.

Until we made it possible.

We challenged the status quo and developed a web-based solution that tackled marketing complexities in a very simple way. We gave people the power to create, to innovate, to save time, money and resources. This was the birth of Papirfly. This was our vision and it remains true to this day. We continue to innovate, to challenge and to solve. And as the landscape continues to evolve, so do we.

Meet the team
Per Oldeide
Sara Naveda
Chief Commercial Officer
Knut Haaland
VP Operations
Torbjørn Caspersen
VP Development
Roy Haaland
Product Manager
Luke Davis
VP Tactical Marketing
Leanne 612 x 428
Leanne Merrill
Community Manager
Michael Pfeiffer
SME Director
Justin 612 x 428
Justin Diver
VP Sales & Partners
Frode Nortvedt
Global Director, Retail Marketing
Sam 612 x 428
Sam Wiltshire
Head of Demand Generation
Luis Cupertino
Global Lead Development Manager
Dan 612 x 428
Daniel Bardell
Demand Generation Specialist
Jess 612 x 428
Jess Chambers
Demand Generation Specialist
Eddie Allen
VP Customer Success
Dave 612 x 428
Dave Thompson
Head of Customer Success, UK
Morten Reigstad
Customer Success Manager
Danielle 612 x 428
Danielle Giannotti
Customer Success Manager
Jay 612 x 428_
Jay Carter
Customer Success & Sales Executive
Lisa 612 x 428
Lisa Bacon
Customer Success & Sales Executive
Salma 612 x 428jpg
Salma Satti
Customer Success & Sales Executive
Svend Erik Pedersen
Svend Erik Pedersen
Senior Project Manager
Global presence

We're proud to have offices in amazing locations across the world.

Havnegata 15
4306 Sandnes
+47 930 44 444
United Kingdom
165-167 High Street,
Rayleigh, Essex,
+44 207 096 0741
Frederiksgade 34
baghuset 3 sal.
8000 Aarhus C
+45 284 09 195
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