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18 powerful employer branding tools to activate your campaigns in 2024

With job seekers increasingly selective about who they work for, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of a strong, consistent employer brand.

It’s your unique selling point against a wave of competition. Your window into your company culture. Your vehicle to excite and build trust with potential candidates. Simply put, it’s the heart of modern recruitment, and something that demands a great deal of attention.

Fortunately, today there is a plethora of software, tools and platforms designed to streamline your efforts, unite your global teams and maintain a consistent, regular flow of content to recruits and employees.

In this guide, we break down 18 standout tools you should be paying attention to in 2024, so you can activate your employer brand with complete confidence.

Employer branding statistics about candidate applications, reducing cost per hire, decrease in turnover - Papirfly infographic

18 employer branding tools to check out in 2024

  1. Papirfly
  2. Rally® Inside™
  3. Canva
  4. Seenit
  5. ChatGPT
  6. Recruitee
  7. Jobbio
  8. Cliquify
  9. Social Sender
  10. Sociabble
  11. Brandfolder
  12. Employer Brand Index
  13. Olivia by Paradox
  14. Pathmotion
  15. Greenhouse
  16. TalentLyft
  17. Monday.com
  18. Ongig

All-in-one employer branding software

1. Papirfly’s brand management platform

Papirfly’s brand management platform empowers you with the tools to create and communicate your employer brand in one comprehensive solution. 

This platform offers numerous features to unleash your employer branding on a global scale, including:

  • A dedicated online brand portal for your employer brand guidelines, Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and other key documents that define your brand’s identity
  • A comprehensive, industry-recognised Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, allowing you to store and share on-brand assets for your recruitment campaigns
  • Intuitive design templates that enable fast, cost-effective content creation without any risk of breaking your brand guidelines
  • The capacity to rapidly adapt assets for local markets with the right language, imagery and cultural nuances to connect with job seekers globally
  • Collaborative, easy-to-use campaign execution tools that keep your marketing activities aligned and well-coordinated
Papirfly platform statistics - 600+ brands using Papirfly worldwide with 212% average customer ROI, and $1.2 million 3-year savings on asset creation

2. Rally® Inside™

Rally® Inside™ is a similar employer branding platform that employs real-time data and best practices to develop campaigns that attract and retain top talent.

Allowing you to identify and engage with potential candidates wherever they are online, Rally® Inside™ also helps you understand the topics that resonate with your target audiences. This can play a role in focusing your employer brand strategy around your specific goals and ambitions.

Plus, it’s free for a single account user, making it a good entry-level option for smaller employer brand teams with limited budgets.

Employer branding content creation

3. Canva

One of the world’s most recognisable names in content creation, Canva’s wide range of templates and design tools empower your professionals to produce high-quality graphics to support your employer branding efforts.

From infographics and visual storytelling assets for your digital channels, to presentations and posters to inspire your existing employees, Canva can help you maintain brand consistency and generate engaging campaigns for your audiences.

4. Seenit

Did you know that job postings with video content receive 34% more applications than those without it? This makes tools like Seenit incredibly valuable, allowing you to collect, create and distribute user-generated video content from your employees, customers and beyond.

By encouraging your employees to submit video testimonials, behind-the-scenes footage and clips that showcase what it’s like to work at your company, you can develop a library of employer brand videos that capture the imagination of ideal candidates.

Job postings with video content receive 34% more applications - Video and employer brand statistic - Source: Career Builder

5. ChatGPT

As AI continues to evolve and expand our horizons, ChatGPT can greatly speed up the production of written content across your employer brand campaigns, from feeder text on your social posts to job descriptions and email marketing.

With effective prompt engineering, you can train ChatGPT to write in your precise tone of voice, allowing you to go from raw notes to brand-consistent first drafts in minutes. Especially for teams with no dedicated copywriter or content agency, this can feel like a new member of your team.

Employer brand career page development

6. Recruitee

Recruitee is a tool that promises to reduce hiring times and increase the reach of your recruitment campaigns. This includes the ability to create a dedicated careers page through their tried-and-tested templates, empowering you to present a strong employer brand to desired candidates with little effort or coding skills.

Furthermore, Recruitee allows you to automatically post job listings on the most active job boards, including Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor. This again eases the recruitment process, and ensures your ads are where they need to be to attract top talent.

Employer brand online search statistic about people researching a company’s background online - Source: StandOut CV

7. Jobbio

Rather than a careers page, Jobbio encourages its users to create a company channel. Similar to a social media channel, this approach lets you create a distinct profile, share employee-driven content, and gradually build an audience of relevant candidates.

From this channel, you can directly communicate with followers to maximise employee engagement, as well as create an unlimited number of job ads targeted around your ideal candidates’ skills, experience and preferences.

Employer brand social media management

8. Cliquify

Cliquify is an employer branding tool that enables companies to generate assets for their social recruitment campaigns. Primarily a content creation platform, Cliquify’s templates guide your teams to produce on-brand collateral for your various channels, highlighting your company culture, values and achievements.

This solution also allows you to measure and monitor the performance of your social media assets, helping you to refine your campaigns over time.

Around 57% of job seekers use social media to search for new positions - Employer brand social stat - Source: Zippia

Employee advocacy tools

9. Social Sender

It cannot be overstated how valuable your existing employees are to your long-term recruitment efforts – up to 86% of candidates will check employee reviews on Glassdoor before applying. An army of brand ambassadors can greatly elevate your hiring process, and a tool like Social Sender helps you build one.

A dedicated employee advocacy solution, Social Sender makes it simple to send targeted company news, events and posts to relevant employees based on their positions and interests. From here they can push this content on their social networks, sharing positive employee experiences with prospective candidates.

Employee advocacy - Employee opinions are 3 times more credible than a CEO - Source: Qualtrics

10. Sociabble

Another effective employee advocacy tool is Sociabble, a platform offering multichannel content distribution for your employees’ social media channels. Leveraging their networks, this tool extends the reach and awareness of your employer brand through fresh, compelling content delivered by your workforce.

Plus, to keep your team members active advocates, Sociabble adds gamification to this process, letting you track your most effective ambassadors and reward them appropriately.

Papirfly employer branding tools success story - Building a better employer brand and how IBM achieves brand consistency across global recruitment campaigns

11. Brandfolder

Maintaining a consistent employer brand across every channel and location requires a single source of truth for your assets. Brandfolder’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution gives you a central repository of on-brand, up-to-date collateral, so your teams worldwide can access the latest approved content for their recruitment campaigns.

With the ability to categorise assets according to type, location, language and much more, your marketing materials stay well-organised and your marketers can identify the assets they require instantaneously.

Employer brand reputation management

12. Employer Brand Index

Candidates want to work with a reputable employer; a perspective backed up by 84% of job seekers who consider reputation before applying for a job opening. The Employer Brand Index (EBI), developed by Link Humans, uses data from over 6,000 user-generated sources to measure what past, present and future employees are saying about your company.

This helps you gain an objective view of your employer brand reputation, benchmark this against your competitors and address any negative feedback directly. With this insight, you can adapt your communications strategy where required on your path to becoming an employer of choice in your industry.

75% of job seekers wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation - Employer brand reputation statistic - Source: LinkedIn

Candidate experience and onboarding tools

13. Olivia by Paradox

Another in the growing wave of employer branding AI tools, Olivia is an innovative assistant designed to optimise candidate capture, screening, scheduling, communication and engagement.

Guided by your brand’s tone of voice and communication strategy, Olivia automatically answers candidates’ questions and eliminates repetitive admin tasks. This streamlined approach frees up time to create a more bespoke, one-to-one recruitment and onboarding experience for each candidate, helping you nurture them into your team.

14. Pathmotion

Pathmotion enables better candidate experiences by letting your existing employees directly engage with your prospects, answer their questions and share content. This supports a more comfortable, seamless onboarding journey for new recruits, and helps candidates self-exclude themselves, saving you time and money on unsuitable applications.

Pathmotion can also host virtual events for candidates, automate nurture emails, send out onboarding materials, and integrate with your company and employee social media channels. This makes it a great tool to build a community between your current team and your future hires.

Employer branding tools - Candidate experience stats - Sources: Career Builder, LinkedIn and Recruiting Brief

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

15. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is an excellent Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps you present candidates with a consistent, reassuring experience. To do this, the platform includes several features, including:

  • Talent sourcing that scales with your organisation
  • Customisable career sites and application processes
  • Tracking for candidate interactions and communications
  • Schedules for follow-up activities and onboarding activities
  • Smoother talent acquisition workflows
  • Candidate scoreboards for better hiring decisions

It also tracks and measures several key employer branding metrics, including time-to-fill positions, cost-per-hire and candidate conversion rates.

16. TalentLyft

Another effective ATS solution is TalentLyft. This system can reduce the time associated with posting job ads, screening applications and scheduling interviews through one all-inclusive platform. Handling this all through one portal helps you preserve consistency across both your employer branding and candidate experience.

TalentLyft also enables you to track applications to measure the performance of your job adverts, and create a branded career site illustrating your company’s values, culture and mission.

86% of recruiters say using Applicant Tracking Systems reduced time-to-hire - Source: GetApp

17. Monday.com

In our attempts to achieve more for less, Monday.com promises to significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of your employer brand workflows. Through this planning platform, your teams can gain a bird’s-eye view over all tasks, from individual job postings to large-scale recruitment campaigns.

For optimal productivity, Monday.com lets you hone in on each distinct task of your employer brand initiatives. This empowers you to manage your resources more effectively, and keeps everyone aware of what must be done and when.

Employer brand analytics and reporting

18. Ongig

Want to know if your employer branding efforts are reaping results? Ongig offers up this valuable insight by scoring your job descriptions and adverts in real-time, suggesting improvements to support your diversity, equity and inclusivity (DE&I) hiring.

In addition to analysing the performance of your content, it offers templates for future job postings, and handles the publishing of hundreds (or even thousands) of job adverts automatically.

Can you have too many employer brand tools?

These 18 employer branding tools merely scratch the surface of what’s available to help you attract, recruit and retain the best available talent. Hopefully, this has helped you consider where you can streamline your processes and unlock your brand’s potential.

However, a word of warning. While these tools can benefit your employer branding in numerous ways, introducing too many can become a detriment to your long-term recruitment efforts. That’s because an abundance of employer brand solutions can:

  • Increase the complexity of managing your brand and campaigns
  • Confuse your employees with too many logins
  • Eat away at your budget
  • Make maintenance and upgrades a hassle to complete
  • Require significant amounts of time to train your teams
  • Cause inconsistent messaging on your various channels

To strengthen your talent acquisition efforts, it’s important to thoroughly research the right technology for your needs, prioritising solutions that fulfil multiple requirements in one platform.

And consider, if you do choose to invest in your employer brand, be sure to think about integration. If you can seamlessly bring solutions together into one united platform, activating your employer brand becomes a lot less complicated.

Make your employer brand work for your business - Link to Papirfly guide

Take steps to activate your employer brand

Technology can play a valuable role in the reach, consistency and performance of your employer brand. But, this must be accompanied by a well-constructed employer brand strategy, high-quality assets and the support of your existing employees.

If you’d like to learn more about how to attract and retain top talent in this highly competitive landscape, read our ultimate employer branding guide.

Table of contents:

  1. 18 employer branding tools to check out in 2024
  2. Can you have too many employer brand tools?
  3. Take steps to activate your employer brand