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Securing global brand consistency

How GRENKE adapted their branding processes to a dynamic market.

Think global, act local

Achieving a global market presence is an accomplishment, but globalisation doesn’t come without challenges. This was also the case for GRENKE.

With 33 countries on their company map, GRENKE experienced an increasingly complex challenge to ensure brand consistency and homogeneous local communication. In addition, coordination between the headquarters and their local offices became time-consuming and costly. A typical consequence for global brands is an increased need for local adaptation. GRENKE realised that they had to establish a central location for their brand guidelines and marketing assets which was accessible and self-serviced for everyone in need of brand collateral.

Before choosing their brand system, GRENKE identified some key requirements:

  • Flexible access and authorization control
  • CMS technology with integration capabilities with different roles and rights
  • User-friendly and comprehensible workflows
  • Extensive asset management control for simple usability
  • Proven cost-effectiveness

Their choice became our Brand Activation Management platform.

Implementing the Brand Activation Management platform

Key benefits with a Brand Activation Management platform are efficiency, cost savings and brand consistency. These were also the pillars for GRENKE as they formed their solution.

The initial focus when implementation began was entirely on the setup of the Digital Asset Management system and the integration with the GRENKE official website. In addition to the support from the German Customer Success Team, an external agency was used to enable a seamless implementation. When this was accomplished, the second priority was the setup and implementation of the design templates.

A modern brand solution to an old problem
With the headquarters in Baden-Baden as the point of contact for all countries, small brand processes became time-consuming and nerve-wracking obstacles as almost everything had to be sent or coordinated via e-mail.

After establishing the platform as the central brand home and source for all marketing assets, GRENKE succeeded in empowering the local offices, enabling self-serviced marketing collateral without risking the brand image. Another upside is the freed-up time which can now be used on developing the GRENKE brand effectively and consistently.

Looking ahead with Brand Activation Management

Even with efficiency and seamless branding processes in place, GRENKE is already planning platform expansions to enable even greater practices and brand management.
In line with the main objective of “empowerment”, Papirfly now enables employees at the various locations to create assets independently and uniformly and apply them directly. This has led to simplified communication and faster creation of marketing assets, both for employees and the central marketing team in Baden-Baden.

The cost-effort ratio for smaller design questions or the search for assets has successfully improved with Template Studio and DAM. Templating also provides new analytics capabilities. Preferences in terms of content can be determined based on the frequency of template use and amended accordingly. International employees do not only get a direct overview of the various design options but are also encouraged to try out new approaches.

For GRENKE, there is much more potential in using Brand Activation Management. In the future, the existing applications will be further rolled out and continuously adapted to GRENKE’s needs. The main areas for expansion of the platform are:

  • Animated Display Banner Templates
  • Approval and collaboration processes
  • Optimising the tagging of assets with the help of AI

Central management

Local adaption

Increased efficiency

Secured brand consistency

Cost savings

“With the implementation of Papirfly, we set the foundation for a new marketing approach. Instead of time-consuming communication between HQ and the countries, everyone benefits from the simplified processes and can access the system at anytime from anywhere”

Anna Ryszka
Digital Marketing Manager, GRENKE AG

Brand Activation Management – the home of the GRENKE brand

Grenke Brand HUB

Brand Hub

This is where brand assets and marketing collateral are collected and presented brilliantly together with campaigns and brand guidelines.

With Brand Hub, the central marketing team at GRENKE can manage and control their brand from one central location. Local marketing teams can access and apply the brand as they see fit knowing the brand is valid and up to date.


The Digital Asset Management tool collects and structures uploaded assets according to GRENKE’s needs.

This makes it easy for any user to manage, find, and use any marketing asset. GRENKE can rest assured that all employees apply one brand regardless of localization.

The digital asset management library provides the structured source of all brand and marketing assets. Connected to the Brand Hub, marketing assets in context of brand rules is easy. Various format and download options provide users the right amount of flexibility for proper use of the brand locally and achieve brand consistency across all channels. An intuitive interface enables seamless workflows.

Grenke DAM
Grenke template studio

Template Studio

Being a global company, asset localization has a high priority in GRENKE

With Template Studio local GRENKE offices and employees are truly self-serviced and are allowed to adjust to local needs without disrespecting the brand guidelines.

With Template Studio users can edit assets online. Digital templates for flyers, ads, emails, web banners, and social media posts are available for GRENKE employees. Once completed, assets are available for download, both print ready and for screens. Even roll-up banners or trade show walls can be designed in Template Studio.
This promotes efficiency and time-reducing work, as employees can create branded collateral independently and easily, without consulting brand experts.


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