Combining central marketing and local execution

How BMW keeps their brand powerful, healthy and consistent with Papirfly.

A powerful brand

demands consistency

When the teams at BMW Northern Europe (BMW NE) were looking to replace their brand management solution to boost their marketing efforts, seamless automation and centralising responsibilities were top priorities – empowering more efficient and powerful execution for local dealers.

Creating a hub for the BMW NE brand meant having stakeholders at the forefront of their minds – focusing on simplicity and user-friendly UX for both back-end administrators and platform users, including creative agencies, dealers and employees.

Establishing effective workflows and navigation meant creating a system for multiple markets to utilise. For BMW’s people, matching their hierarchical organisation with user levels was key, whilst maintaining connection with brand and corporate strategies to local initiatives.

Increasing efficiency and simplifying brand processes

Cross-border markets and an extensive dealership network mean local tailoring and adaptation is an absolute essential for BMW NE’s brand and marketing processes. Using our Educate & Control solution, their brand hub finally enabled teams to streamline their working processes and secure their brand identity across all markets.

Everything is now collected in one place. Digital assets and brand guidelines work jointly to secure 100% accessibility and consistency in their marketing efforts. Every dealership can now easily access and adapt marketing collateral to suit their needs.

Working with multiple creative agencies, dealers and internal employees across seven countries makes Papirfly’s system a “must-have” for us. Unified communication and the seamless sharing of assets from one single location keeps our dealers on-brand in all the material they use.

Marie Dellbrant,
Brand Director / CMO
BMW Northern Europe

Standing out in a
competitive market

Automotive dealerships normally deal with more than one brand. Becoming the preferred brand requires exceptional communication and intelligible administration.

For BMW NE, achieving the perfect workflow between the regional office and the local dealers is one factor. Another factor is the accessibility and usability of marketing and brand collateral.

It was essential that team members could streamline their communication to avoid information and content overload. So they created a brand book for each country team and associated dealers, while content is controlled and managed from one archive.

This way, the local dealerships can obtain and adapt sales campaigns, images, pricing, ads and more – whenever they need it. The result is dynamic marketing operations that secure efficiency.

Time to market is decreased. Bottlenecks are avoided. Local dealers have full flexibility without breaking the brand rules.

Central marketing

Local execution

Increased efficiency

On time

Always on-brand

BMW’s brand management platform.

Everything in one place,
on time and on-brand.

bmw brand hub

Educate & Control

Created with the local dealers in mind, finding content and information is made easy. Five separate brand hubs – one for each division in the Northern Europe region – seamlessly control central brand management.

Each brand hub is created in the local language and connected to the same applications for uncomplicated maintenance and administration. With a brand hub, content is presented and communicated through each regional Hub to match local markets. The content is fetched from their Digital Asset Management (DAM) archive to secure correct distribution to each Hub. This way, all dealers always have access to appropriate brand guidelines, campaigns, assets, templates, product information and more.

Manage & Share

From car model photographs and scenic landscape imagery to videos, marketing collateral and guides. Everything categorised and presented within a reliable and organised Digital Asset Management (DAM) system suited for BMW NE company structure.

Digital assets play an important role in BMW NE. With the local dealers in mind, everything should always be accessible – enabling smooth brand management processes and sales workflows. Connected to the brand hub, the digital asset library is structured with categories fitted to BMW user flow, making navigation and downloading a breeze.

With everything neatly structured, BMW NE won’t have to worry that local dealers create their own material and dilute their brand presence. Regardless of channel or asset, the BMW brand always looks exactly the same.

bmw dam

About BMW

Since 1916, BMW has brought sheer driving pleasure to car enthusiasts all over the world, combining dynamic, sporty performance, ground-breaking innovations and breath-taking design.

BMW is one of the “German Big 3” luxury automakers, and holds world famous brands such as Mini and Rolls-Royce under their group umbrella. In addition to luxury cars, BMW also produces motorcycles. BMW’s passionate promise for the future is born from the unique history of reinvention. BMW doesn’t just build cars. The brand’s innovations and exceptional designs create emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills.

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