Changing lives at IBM

Papirfly has given employees at IBM a tool that makes their lives easier. They can now take campaigns to market much more quickly, freeing up more time for strategic thinking.

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Brand consistency on a global scale

IBM recruits tens of thousands of people each year across 65 global markets, each with its own marketing and recruiting teams. The IBM brand is its most valuable asset and the scale of creating assets for marketing and messaging was a huge undertaking…before Papirfly.
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Life without Papirfly would be stressful, it would be slow, time consuming, and costly. Papirfly has enabled us to have a system in place now where we can create assets that we need very quickly. We can go to market much more quickly, we can react to our business and our clients much more quickly, and it is also extremely cost effective.
Jo Bedford, Global Recruitment Branding Manager

If your brand team wants to embrace more opportunities, create more assets, and deliver more in-house – Papirfly is the answer. Smart templates allow for easy creation of marketing materials without professional support.

BAM by Papirfly™ is constantly evolving

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