Empowering local brand ambassadors to promote SAP as a global employer of choice

Localised employer branding improved across five regions using Papirfly

In the first year with Papirfly, the team at SAP saw:


assets created across
different global campaigns


hours saved in asset-creation time


in equivalent agency fees saved
if work was done externally

SAP’s challenge

SAP is a multinational software corporation operating in over 70 countries worldwide. With a global focus on empowering businesses through technology, SAP has over 100,000 employees representing 150+ nationalities. With such complexity, SAP faced a challenge in terms of communicating a consistent employer brand, to support talent acquisition, and maintaining a growing pool of exceptional talent.

The complexity of global success

Operating and achieving growth in many different locations around the world, SAP’s team saw that getting everybody aligned to the core brand message and identity was becoming more complicated. Improving the time to market in every region required enabling recruiters, hiring managers, communication teams, and everyone currently or potentially part of the business to be a brand ambassador.

With so many people working at different levels across the global business, even with an attractive EVP, there was an acknowledgement that a more effective way to activate the employer brand was needed. Among talent personas such as roles for tech, sales, and early career starters, it would be difficult for potential talent to truly understand and imagine SAP as becoming their employer of choice. 

SAP wanted an internal solution to help them target these personas, streamline asset production and simplify making consistently on-brand content. 

“Our main objective was to scale ambassadorship while maintaining alignment with global brand guidelines. Our global EVP consists of four key pillars, and through local creators, we successfully personalized these pillars to resonate with talent segments in various locations, thereby giving a more human touch to our employer brand.”

Heather Walker
Head of Global Employer Brand

Searching for a game-changing platform

The search for a software solution was underway. The team at SAP had identified the following capabilities that any chosen software solution must empower their people to achieve:

  • Empower employees to use social media as a channel to promote SAP whilst ensuring they are in compliance with social media governance policies
  • Enable the creation of assets quickly and easily with design templates
  • Empower recruitment teams to activate campaigns in local regions in any language

After assessing their options, the team at SAP saw Papirfly’s brand management platform as not only meeting all of their requirements but it has become a one-stop-shop for even more of their employer brand operations that they had imagined.

“With Papirfly, we wanted to make it simple for our people to create material and to be brand ambassadors. It’s easy, fast and it empowers everyone – and we’ve definitely achieved those goals.”

Ci’en Xu
Director of Strategy, Global Employer Branding

Transforming employer branding operations

The first quarter of using Papirfly’s platform was a highly productive time for SAP’s teams. Over 50 employees had become content creators (primarily recruiters) and produced over 400 assets. Using Papirfly’s asset-creation tools didn’t just save time – it created room for the existing in-house design team to focus more on ideation and strategic topics, fundamentally changing the way they could work.

One single source of truth

SAP provided users with a structured framework for their operations by creating an online home for their employer brand – using indisputable guidelines to help shape how they could use their identity to enhance their reputation as the employer of choice. As a source of education for everyone,and with the ability for admin users to control and update content when necessary, the Papirfly platform has created a solid foundation for their employer brand.

The Papirfly platform offered new Digital Asset Management capabilities to its users, providing pre-approved brand elements, images, documents, and other assets from one central source that ensured on-brand material was easily accessible. User access ensures only images relevant to an individual’s role could be accessed, providing both autonomy for the user and control for the company. 

On-brand and on time – every time

With the platform established, people quickly recognised the potential of the software. Through multiple enablement sessions, workshops and long-term nurturing of the creator community, users clearly understood which material could be used to produce unlimited on-brand assets for a campaign. They felt more motivated and empowered to create assets, knowing adherence to the brand’s standards and guidelines was guaranteed.

As well as increasing the speed of content creation, the process of reviewing and approving assets in a workflow was made simpler as SAP benefited from each of Papirfly’s solutions being connected within our all-in-one brand management platform.

“We find the approval process really easy. Having recruiters create assets, it’s so simple for us to review them and sign them off to ensure that it’s on-brand and on point.”

Heather Walker
Head of Global Employer Brand

The new normal with Papirfly

With Papirfly’s brand management platform embedded as part of daily life for the team at SAP, there has been a significant shift in how their employer branding is able to be activated everywhere. The platform has revolutionised its employee engagement strategy. By empowering employees as brand ambassadors and facilitating authentic storytelling, SAP has been able to tap into employee networks to attract talent to SAP. 

Utilising Papirfly’s platform as an employee ambassador portal, SAP has experienced a surge in employee social media activity. With ready-to-go assets that align with social media guidelines, facilitating increased engagement across popular channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Employees can share their experiences of a culture they take pride in being a part of – protecting and evolving that culture is, in itself, an attractive factor of joining and staying at a company that wants people to feel like they belong there. 

More empowerment for the future

Working with Papirfly, SAP solidifies its position as an innovative company that recognises the value of employee-driven narratives in attracting and retaining top talent. Using Papirfly’s video editing tools is something the team is considering adopting in the near future, showing that using our brand management platform as a foundation provides the possibility for a company to gradually build their on-brand culture, layer by layer – growing in reach at a pace that suits them as they deepen the belief for many that they are the employer of choice in their industry.  

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