Aligning Unilever’s global team and brand

With Papirfly’s solution, Unilever now has the power to support local markets more effectively, drive brand consistency and cut the arduous process of outsourcing.

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Making the day-to-day more manageable

With a presence in 190 markets around the world, Unilever now has the ability to expedite asset creation and significantly reduce costs. Employees now benefit from more time, simplified processes and feeling in control of their delivery.
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Having Papirfly now has allowed our markets to feel more empowered, and, for us, the way that we work with our markets and our global employer brand community is a lot easier.
Sophie Haynes, Global Employer Brand Manager

If your brand team wants to embrace more opportunities, create more assets, and deliver more in-house – Papirfly is the answer. Smart templates allow for easy creation of marketing materials without professional support.

BAM by Papirfly™ is constantly evolving

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