PIM and ERP system integration

When the world of data and retail marketing meet, you can achieve great things. Embrace dynamic design templates with intelligent system integrations.


Get smart with retail marketing collateral

Brand consistency is only as powerful as the content that drives it. Get up-to-the-minute data, insight and information from your third-party PIM and ERP and harness it for your digital and print promotions.

Enhance your offering with PIM

Enrich your customer experience with detailed insights on your products. Import everything from top-line USPs through to energy efficiencies and packaging details.

Stay accurate with ERP stats

Seamlessly update cost information so when you pull products into sales collateral, the price is always right.

Respond to seasonality

Create brochures, posters, POS and a whole range of digital and printed materials that include prices, names and product features.

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Smart templates and population

Create multi-image layouts, promotions and more from your smart templates.

Switch out colours, copy, branding and imagery to adapt your campaigns for different markets and sub-brands.

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Consumers in the retail industry, they demand stuff quickly and the big advantage of using Papirfly is that we can actually react much quicker, we can customise our offers very quickly and very close to the deadline...That’s a really good thing.
Find out how Elkjøp keeps up with the fast-paced demands of their retail offering...
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