Languages and localisation

Align your global marketing strategy and reduce your dependency on multiple agencies. Our software instantly tailors campaigns to countries across the world.


Deliver global campaigns with complete confidence

Make global governance a reality for your business. Quickly and easily create assets that are on-brand and market-ready. Predefined content can be as controlled or as flexible as you like, helping your teams truly make their mark in your international markets.

Capture cultural nuance

Demonstrate a true understanding of your audience with culturally relevant image libraries, copy, colours and logos. Effortlessly adapt core campaigns for diverse markets without specialist help.

Speak their language

Empower your international teams with portals tailored to their languages or enable your head office to translate assets into multiple dialects from a single platform.

React to local market demands

Do away with lengthy turnaround times and seize your global marketing opportunities. Bring asset creation in-house and give your teams the ability to be reactive without risk.

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No detail overlooked

Experience true localisation with data that varies from country to country – everything from languages, weights, measures and prices, to legalities, hashtags and URLs.
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To someone considering adopting Papirfly, I'd say, “just do it.” It has saved me and the local team so much time. I know that the assets they're creating is of this high standard and is completely on-brand.
Find out how IBM saved tons of time by bringing asset creation in-house.
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Right-to-left language support

From Arabic to Hebrew, our smart templates can accommodate right to left, left to right and even bidirectional text.

With fully editable options for languages, we can also handle transforming glyphs which is especially crucial for calligraphic scripts. So if a character needs to be drawn differently depending on whether it’s placed at the beginning, middle or end of a word – we’ve got you covered.

Nothing to install. Your entirely web-based platform

Our SaaS model allows your team to access their bespoke portal anytime, anywhere. Create infinite designs under a single, annual licence fee.
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BAM by Papirfly™ is constantly evolving

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