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Streamline your brand while saving time with brand management

For a modern business, maintaining brand integrity can be time-consuming and exhausting. When brand management is done badly, it eats away at your time, puts unnecessary strain on your budget, and can be harmful to your overall customer experience.

A strong brand management solution is the best way to respond to this problem. It will save you time, reduce the risk of negatively impacting your budget, and help to improve your marketing strategies.

In this article, we look at how brand management software can help your business save time and money, improving productivity and freeing up resources to create value for your customers and employees.

Keep all your brand assets and files in one place

Searching through folders and drives for brand materials takes more time than you might think – especially when these materials are scattered and disorganised. If some brand assets are also out-of-date, with newer versions saved elsewhere, it can cause even bigger problems. At best, you waste even more time finding the right assets and updating them. At worst, you might end up using outdated and inconsistent materials, damaging your brand integrity.

A survey shows that marketers on average look for assets 16 times a day, and sometimes they aren’t even lucky enough to find what they’re looking for. In these situations, they’ll often give up on the search in frustration and create their own assets instead – usually without properly following brand guidelines.

Increasingly, companies are investing in brand management tools which enable them to keep all their brand assets stored in one place. These tools instantly minimise the risk of circulating outdated brand materials. Staff no longer have to waste time rooting through dated systems and folders, while marketing teams can be confident that all assets are aligned with brand identity guidelines.

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Keeping your brand up to date is key

Brand identity is integral to your company’s success. It ensures that your public profile is professional and builds brand equity – the long term trust and perception that customers place in your brand.  

On the other hand, inconsistency in the usage of brand assets can damage brand awareness, recognition and reputation. For example, it’s important to make sure you don’t undermine your brand coherence by using old and new files interchangeably. This confuses teams as to which assets they can and cannot use and how the brand guidelines should be followed. It also leads to time being wasted on fixes and tweaks that could have been avoided with proper brand education, organisation and updating.

A good brand management solution will enable you to manage your brand online, making the latest brand guidelines instantly accessible to marketing teams and ensuring all brand materials are up to date. No longer will you risk using outdated content and material by accident, so you can be sure you are improving brand consistency while also saving time.

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Brand management makes everything always available

We’ve established why it’s important to keep your brand assets organised and up to date. But what’s the benefit of online brand management?

An online brand management solution not only makes it easier to keep your brand assets up to date – it also makes them easily accessible to anyone who needs them, at any time. In the post-pandemic world, where remote and flexible work is increasingly the norm, this enables your staff to explore and enjoy new working patterns while ensuring a high quality brand experience is maintained. Not only will you be saving time and effort on brand management, but you’ll also facilitate your company as an attractive place to work.

To be effective, you need control

If you don’t have the controls to maintain your brand identity, you might as well be working with a blindfold. An online solution ensures that you are always in control of both your brand and your brand guidelines, maintaining flexibility while maximising efficiency and the quality of your customer experience. 

Managing your brand online gives you real-time insights into how and where brand materials are being used, enabling you to plan and monitor highly effective branding strategies. Marketing teams can deliver campaigns with insight, intelligence, and confidence, ensuring that your brand stands out and can keep pace with the latest market, social media and consumer trends. 

Brand management with Papirfly 

By investing in a strategic brand management solution with Papirfly, you and your team members will be well equipped to address your branding challenges. Some problems will disappear, others will be much easier to tackle, and new opportunities for building brand awareness and brand recognition will open. 

If you are interested in saving time, connecting your people, and finding new ways to take control of your brand, then check out Papirfly’s all-in-one brand management solution.