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How to structure your brand with Papirfly

The changing face of corporate social responsibility in marketing

We cannot say this enough: A day in a marketers life is hectic. If you don’t make sure your brand changes with the times, you will not gain any market shares.

The mainstay of our solutions is being the one platform you need to structure your brand and continuously strengthen your branding processes.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes our solutions the marketers new best friend to assist them in their busy work lives, and why they have chosen us as their partner.

A home for you brand

Take a look at the framework of a house: four walls and a roof makes the foundation. It is when you start dividing the house into rooms and decorations that you can truly start calling it a home. That’s how we view our solutions.

The framework of our platform is developed with flexible CMS technology. In comparison to a house, this is the tool that connects our solutions into a complete platform. When you enter our house, you will quickly discover the “rooms” that create the home and structure for your brand.

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Within our four walls

It is so much easier to find what you are looking for and stay in control when everything is in the same place. Put the image of the house we just visualized aside, instead imagine an apartment building where you own all the apartments. You decorate with a variety of things and you store different objects in each apartment, spread all over the place. In other words, it’s a mess. That’s how it is with different software solutions tied to your brand if you haven’t taken the time to build a proper structure for where to store what. 

Go back to your house where everything is in one location and rooms have a logical floor plan, you have kept it neat and tidy.  Everything is easier. With everything in one place you’ll be more efficient, and rest assured – you will stay in control. When your brand has a framework and a structure – a home,  it can find its voice, come alive and make a huge impression on your audience.

What rooms does your brand need?

Most people have a favorite room in their house, but most would agree that all rooms have a function, and combined they create the home. The same can be said about our brand management platform. You and everyone else in your company will most likely grow fond of different functions in our solutions. But everyone will appreciate the comprehensiveness and strengths that in combination will benefit your brand.

Brand HUB

This is the room that provides the complete solution for brand management. Brand HUB allows you to collect and present your brand from one platform, which makes it easy to find what you need, share information and establish online brand identity guidelines. The room enables control and brand protection, it puts your brand front and center and enables seamless workflows for your colleagues. You can rest assured that your brand is being handled correctly, and spend your time on long-term brand strategies that contribute to company growth.

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Digital Asset Management

Assets are what create your unique brand voice. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the room that enables marketers to store, organize and share all files from one location. It eliminates inconsistency, unnecessary costs, and project delays.

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Template Studio

Without a doubt, this is the room where you’ll find peace. And when you invite your colleagues, they will have a good time. With powerful and intuitive template technology, you’ll have a tool that will allow your colleagues to create their own collaterals and assets without compromising your brand identity. No need to settle for less, this room secures quality.

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Display Ads

Targeted display advertising is a great way to present your brand to a receptive audience. Of course, it is crucial that you make the right impression. With the display ad room, you can create, adapt and publish your ads without involving any agency. This room provides control. Create your ads in real-time and see your performance on the go.

Marketing Shop

Promotional items and collaterals are groovy. They add that extra something to your brand and allows you to separate your brand from your competitors. With Marketing Shop, everything your company needs is available under one roof – it’s online, self-serviced and open 24/7. Supply, distribution, and quality is managed from one room.

Marketing Planner

Brilliant plans have been made around the dinner table. When we decorated this room, we used all our industry know-how to design a room that helps marketers plan and coordinate marketing activities. The outcome is a room where sharing information and marketing collaterals with colleagues is simple, objectives are clear and understood and everyone involved knows what do to and when.


What’s nice about having a house, is that you can always expand and refurbish. However, our solutions do not require any slow-paced application processes when you want to expand to more rooms. Our partnerships with other providers specialized in related software or solutions, such as video management, CMS, content creation or print services, enable endless opportunities. Renovation projects are seamless and give the opportunity to expand your capacity from one single platform.

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Ready to take a look at your new home?

You don’t have to take our word for it. If you are looking for a new home for your brand, have a look to see what our customers think of us.

If you feel ready for a private showing of our platform, follow the link below. Happy house-hunting!