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December 2019 7 min read Written by Papirfly

Promoting your company, products and services can be an exhausting and time-consuming challenge. You need to keep your brand out there to build a lasting connection to audiences, but the effort it takes to deliver this manually is often monumental particularly for organisations with a worldwide reach.

You must conduct audience research. Devise a strategy. Brainstorm ideas. Create content. Produce designs. Publish materials on multiple channels. Analyse the results. Refine and go again. 

You want to be everywhere and do everything, but that’s just not possible. Or is it?

Marketing automation tools are there to lighten the burden and make the whole process a little bit less painful. They reduce the strain on the tedious, manual steps involved in bringing marketing campaigns to life, freeing your team up to focus more on strategic thinking and the bigger picture vision.

So, how can marketing automation platforms add any value to what you’re doing, and why are they crucial for global brands in 2020 and beyond?

The importance of marketing automation tools

As we’ve already highlighted, marketing automation tools exist to drastically drop the time it takes to manually complete certain tasks and processes. These cover many important duties involved in making campaigns work, but take up time that your team could better spend thinking. Planning. Studying. Living.

The primary benefits of marketing automation tools are that they save your business time, money and effort. When you consider that only 28% of your typical marketers’ time is spent doing the job they’re assigned to, the savings associated with automating some of their more monotonous duties can be immense.

That is why the marketing automation industry is expected to be worth around $5.5 billion by the end of 2019, a staggering rise from the $500m in 2015. Marketing automation benefits businesses worldwide by transforming an initial investment into significant savings down the road.

Now, not all companies will require the support of marketing automation tools out of the gate. Depending on your company’s size and budget, these might be something you hold off on adding to your arsenal until you decide to scale up. This could be when you:

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The importance of marketing automation tools will vary from company to company. But, for those firms looking to reach and connect with a national or global audience, these services are often a smart investment.

But, what marketing automation services should you be making a priority to integrate into your organisation? Again, this will depend on your unique situation. You will want to consider:

  • Marketing channels you utilise
  • Price
  • Ease-of-use
  • Capabilities
  • How it integrates with your existing software

However, to help guide your decision, we’ve broken down some of the most common examples, and established some of the top marketing automation tools in each.

Email marketing automation tools

When people hear marketing automation tools, email is often one of the first areas that leap to mind. And it’s easy to understand why – with many organisations sending out thousands of emails to customer lists every day, this is a function that can be incredibly time-consuming without a form of marketing automation software. 

Email marketing automation tools give your teams the ability to send triggered emails, add personalisation, build complex campaigns, track opens, clicks and reads, and connect to your audience for a variety of reasons without any manual intervention.

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Out of the many options, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular and best marketing automation tools for email below. Alongside each, we’ve included a brief list of pros and cons so you can compare them for yourself:


One of the most tried-and-tested email automation platforms around, Mailchimp has gradually been evolving towards all-in-one marketing automation services.

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Constant Contact

Designed primarily for smaller businesses, Constant Contact lets you create automated trigger campaigns, automatically collect emails, and send targeted follow-up messages.

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Focused on engaging customers throughout their lifecycle, makes it easy to create automated segments for more refined email campaigns.

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Social media marketing automation tools

Social media is everywhere, and staying on top of that constant flow of information can take a colossal amount of time without marketing automation software. The primary function of these services is often to schedule content to go out automatically as opposed to a member of your team doing so manually each time. But their capabilities extend beyond that. 

Using social marketing automation tools also often allow you to monitor activity and track the analytics of your posts, helping you quickly determine which are working best for your brand. Additionally, social listening helps you stay on the pulse of your audience so you can react with content that will resonate with them. 

Examples of top marketing automation tools for social media include:


One of the most comprehensive and complete social media automation tools, Hootsuite helps schedule, curate and monitor content across a range of channels.

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Initially solely focused on the scheduling side of social media, Buffer now helps organisations reply to and engage with audiences, as well as analyse post-performance.

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Sprout Social

With one of the widest feature sets in this field, Sprout Social provides tailored solutions for social media management and beyond.

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Brand automation tools 

While a phrase still in its infancy, brand automation is a rising topic among organisations looking to enhance the way that they promote their brand on a global stage. This extension of marketing automation platforms allows businesses better control over their brand identity and collateral, empowering team members to be effective brand advocates anywhere in the world. 

Utilising smart templates and brand governance measures to ensure all content that goes out is always in line with your company’s messages and personality, brand automation tools help you link your audience and your brand frequently and consistently.

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And, brand automation is where Papirfly shines. Through BAM by Papirfly™, we help your company create infinite marketing assets, store and share materials in one central hub, educate employees on your brand guidelines, and successfully manage the delivery of your branding.

Customer journey automation tools

When we talk about the customer journey, we’re often referring to lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing. Achieving all three is challenging enough as it is, but when done manually, it proves very time-consuming.

Marketing automation for the customer journey focuses on helping firms acquire new leads, map out pathways and facilitate how you convert leads into fully-fledged customers. 

Examples of some of the best-known marketing automation tools in this area include:


Specifically geared to lead nurturing, LeadSquared lets you set triggers, conversion points and more to help direct customers through your funnel faster.

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Designed for enterprise brands, Act-On’s marketing automation tools connect your marketing teams to breadcrumb leads across the web to help you automatically identify the best leads.

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Now part of Keap, Infusionsoft helps to streamline the conversations and engagement points between your company and your customers through intelligent workflows and templates.

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All-in-one marketing automation tools

For companies in need of a more comprehensive approach, there is a wide range of all-encompassing marketing automation services available. You will typically only approach these once you’ve found success on numerous marketing channels or have seen benefits from other more singularly focused marketing automation tools. 

Simply put, these take aspects of all the tools mentioned above and more to automate everything you might need. Whether it’s emails or ad generation, customer journeys or social media scheduling, these platforms will typically cover all the ground required. Naturally, these make these tools more expensive – but for companies reaching global audiences with their marketing, they often prove to be smart investments.

Naturally, these factors make these tools more expensive – but for companies reaching global audiences with their marketing, they often prove to be smart investments.

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Some of the best marketing automation tools in the ‘all-in-one’ category include:


For many, HubSpot’s marketing automation software is the quintessential choice, with unmatched support for inbound marketing techniques.

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Tailored to the needs of B2B marketers, Pardot offers a robust suite of products designed to help the marketing and sales team drive results more efficiently and effectively.

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Boasting over 700 available integrations, Eloqua’s intelligent marketing automation tools allow all types of companies to streamline and personalise their marketing processes.

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Conducting a marketing automation tools comparison

This is just a glimpse into the range and variety of top marketing automation tools out there supporting global organisations. And, as the need and popularity of these tools continue to ramp up, more and more are entering the market, making it increasingly hard to find the one that’ll meet your needs.

In order to effectively perform a marketing automation tools comparison, you must closely consider the needs of your marketers and your business as a whole. Where can you become more efficient? What are the biggest challenges that your teams encounter? These answers will vary from company to company, and thus the tools and solutions you need could be completely different from another organisation.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself to help guide you towards the best marketing automation tools for your business:

  • What are the expectations of your stakeholders towards this software?
  • What are your most widely-used marketing channels? Which do you intend to utilise more in the future?
  • How can you improve the experience of your marketing and sales teams?
  • How accessible is the software?
  • What is your available budget you can invest in marketing automation?
  • How many users will need to be able to access this software?
  • How well will this software integrate with other technology you currently use as part of your marketing process?
  • Can the marketing automation tools help personalise your customers’ experience?
  • How capable is the software at protecting your company’s and customers’ data?
  • How effective can you track analytics and performance?
  • Where do you want your marketing strategy to be in 12 months time?
  • What do reviews of the product online say?

These and further questions will help you compare and contrast the stacks of marketing automation solutions out there, so you can introduce the best software in line with your needs, expectations and constraints.

Time to embrace marketing automation?

With the speed and frequency of marketing materials more prominent than ever (and showing no signs of slowing down), finding and utilising the top marketing automation tools will make a huge difference to your team’s productivity in 2020 and beyond.

If you are interested in how we’ve applied marketing automation software to how you promote your brand worldwide, discover BAM by Papirfly™ today.

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