Driving design and strategic creativity through DAM

In today’s digital ecosystem, the fusion of design and strategic creativity is not simply an advantage – it’s a necessity for brands aiming to stand out. 

In the latest Forrester Wave™ report for Digital Asset Management (DAM), these platforms are increasingly expected to support design in brand management, and foster a collaborative environment that breaks down silos and encourages holistic storytelling.

At Papirfly, we embody this ethos. Our platform acts as a powerful conduit for marketing and creative leaders to unlock intelligent creativity in the way they work.

Here we’ll explore the growing importance of DAM in the creative process, and how our solution is enabling our users to generate on-brand assets and personalise content however they see fit.

Empowering creativity, breaking barriers

Traditionally, DAM is just a repository that controls your digital assets. Today, it is now expected to play an active role in the development of branded assets. It’s not just accessing a piece of data anymore – it’s about providing one holistic platform where creativity flows from one end to the other.

That’s why Papirfly’s platform is built for all users. The creative studios, the designers, the marketers – everyone involved in the creative process. In large, global brands, creative artists often work in silos, confined to their departments in a very rigid format.

Rather than a conventional DAM where assets are simply stored for marketing teams to access, today’s DAM systems must be so much more. What we do at Papirfly is bring everything under one roof. Our tools and workflows are aligned to allow for seamless ideation, execution and management of brand assets without conventional barriers.

So how does this work? In our platform, any user can access assets in the DAM, and then make changes where necessary in the same space. From here, you can then set workflows for approving content before it’s published, and plan the timeline for your campaign – still in the same all-encompassing platform.

You go from where you Place assets in your DAM, to where you Produce new assets, to where you Plan your campaigns and Prove their performance through data and analytics. Everything is available in one platform, accessible to everyone, with no silos, barriers or red tape.

Papirfly is creating an ecosystem where everyone comes together to produce what is needed with minimal resistance, and with complete control over brand consistency. This does not only ensure every asset is always on-brand, but is also strategically conceived to engage audiences and drive results.

Through this central, brand management hub, our platform enables design and creativity in a way far beyond traditional digital asset management tools. We provide a space where users have the freedom to create what’s needed and get innovative, while always delivering absolute consistency.

Getting personal with content creation

The Forrester Wave™ report on DAM also noted how DAMs are playing a vital role in the personalisation and customisation of content. This is somewhere that Papirfly excels.

For global organisations, it is essential to customise content for different geographic locations, demographics, seasons, etc. Without these alterations, you greatly limit the performance of an asset for your audiences, and fail to get the optimal value out of your campaigns.

So, within modern DAMs, it is crucial marketers easily adapt assets to ensure the right content reaches the right audience at the right time. At Papirfly, our platform is designed to go beyond managing digital assets; it gives you the power to transform assets for maximum engagement.

Infographic showing 80% of consumers more likely to make purchases when brands offer personalised experiences - source: Epsilon]

Let’s say you want to customise a particular set of assets for a specific audience, like graduates. In our platform, you can create a series of different templates and structures for this and any other unique audience. These are still bounded by your brand guidelines, but give you the flexibility to adapt content in a highly streamlined, efficient way.

Our platform also enables you to set controls and workflows for certain regions to make sure they only receive content that’s right for them. Take a brand like Mercedes for example – some of their car models are only available in particular locations.

With our advanced metadata and tagging systems, you can lock down what assets individual franchises can access. This ensures that campaigns only contain relevant products, colours and imagery that suits this audience.

 Value of brand personalisation statistics to lower costs, improve revenue and enhance spend - source: McKinsey]

This is just one control mechanism our platform provides to help you send the right content to the right audience. You can also set assets to be accessible at precise times of year – such as how Coca-Cola have unique designs on their cans during Christmas.

By enabling the rapid customisation of assets through intelligent templates, and giving you control over what assets are available for a given region, demographic or time of year, our platform is making it faster and simpler to deliver custom content that connects with your varied audiences.

A more dynamic future for content creation and customisation

With DAMs expected to play a key role in content creation and strategy, Papirfly’s platform is steering the future of digital asset management. From unlocking silos that stifle the creative process, to integrating effortlessly with marketing technology stacks, we enable brands to create cohesive, customised customer journeys at all touchpoints.

Through our comprehensive brand management solution, you gain the ability to streamline creative operations, swiftly respond to ever-changing market dynamics, and deliver personalised, engaging content at an unmatched scale.