Papirfly: An investment in end-to-end brand management

In an increasingly global, complex landscape, it’s only getting harder for marketing teams to manage every facet of their brand and maintain consistency at every touchpoint.

DAM partially relieves this problem, providing a central hub of on-brand assets for teams worldwide. But, as the latest Forrester Wave™ report on DAM systems attests, there is a growing need to evolve beyond DAM and enter the realm of brand management.

At Papirfly, this is our core. We look beyond the need to administer assets, and empower brands with the tools to create, distribute, and optimise content that’s always on brand. Simply put, a holistic, end-to-end approach to your brand management strategy.

Here, we explore the incredible importance of brand consistency, and why an investment in Papirfly is an investment in your brand’s true potential.

A core of brand consistency; a bridge to brand equity

The importance of brand consistency cannot be overstated. In a sea of constant change for consumers, it provides an anchor of familiarity and clarity, which over time encourages engagement, develops emotional connections and fosters loyalty. 

It’s no longer just the concern of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – building brand recognition is a strategic imperative in a world of globalisation and increasing fragmentation.

Importance of brand consistency in brand management - image infographic]

Fundamentally, to grow brand value, you have to drive consistency. That’s been the core of Papirfly for the past 20 years. Our platform provides controls and mechanisms that prevent users from steering off-brand with their design and strategic creativity, ensuring that everything created or stored in your DAM is in lockstep with your brand guidelines.

With this level of control, you can safely create whatever you need to, whenever you need to, without any concerns over consistency. You don’t have to be a brand police anymore – you can produce branded content reliably and effortlessly, at a greater scale than ever before.

Maintaining brand consistency extends into brand equity – something that directly impacts a company’s balance sheet. The more brand equity an organisation has, the more power it holds over its market, but it only grows if a brand’s identity, message and mission stays consistent at all touchpoints. Consistency breeds trust, trust builds equity.

At Papirfly we think about brand equity a lot. By providing our customers with a complete brand management solution, we enable marketers to bridge the gap between corporate-level consistency and local marketing execution, so that these always remain in sync.

Brand consistency is key. It helps customers recognise who they deal with and provides an anchor for clarity - Quote by Stefan Ropers, CEO at Papirfly

A smart commercial investment for forward-thinking marketers and brand managers

Many marketing leaders today tend to purchase a DAM as a box-checking exercise, with the idea of ensuring consistency across their assets. But we need to think broader than this.

Consumer expectations are changing. Competition for their attention is relentless. You must engage thousands of customers and hundreds of target audiences with content that is in-line with your brand, but personalised to individual customer experiences.

Even the best “DAM” is not capable of achieving this enhanced level of marketing outreach alone. So what’s the solution? Do you invest in multiple disparate systems to make up for where a DAM falls, adding more layers of confusion for your marketing teams worldwide?

Or, do you purchase a solution that manages everything from the creation of brand guidelines, to campaign execution and the measurement of outcomes, in one place? That’s the commercial advantage of choosing Papirfly.

We provide digital asset management paired with brand management technology. This reduces the number of interfaces that your teams must engage with to control your brand – resulting in heightened efficiency and strong returns on investment.

A study by Forrester determined that Papirfly’s brand management platform generated a 212% return on investment for customers - Infographic

Moreover, Papirfly enables you to rapidly create content around local market trends, even if you don’t have a background in design. Through intelligent templates and mechanisms, our platform empowers you to produce whatever assets you need for any platform and audience – all while staying completely on brand and never compromising on quality.

In these challenging economic times, this means organisations can achieve more with fewer resources and internal bottlenecks. Rather than waste time and talent on operational complexities, we give teams the capacity to focus on the strategic growth of their brand.

Leading the evolution of DAM into brand management

Papirfly is an innovator. For a long time, we have recognised that DAM at its core is insufficient for modern marketing challenges. That’s why we’re pushing ahead with what we believe to be the future of DAM solutions: universal brand management technology.

In a landscape that is constantly evolving, driven by new technologies and changing consumer behaviours, we continuously innovate to deliver a complete brand management ecosystem. A platform that not only meets the demands of today, but anticipates the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

We look beyond DAM into how we integrate third-party tools to manage brands better, and into how we grow brand value through consistency. We think about how we ensure brands deliver the same message, the same tone, and the same signals in one solution.

From the very beginning of the creative cycle and brand guidelines, to delivery, execution and measurement. Papirfly is a holistic platform supporting over 600 growing and global brands, inspiring teams worldwide to achieve more and waste less.

By focusing on usability and productivity, pioneering new features, and building smart strategic partnerships, we’re becoming the indispensable partner for both growing and global brands that want to lock down consistency, reach audiences effectively and fulfil their marketing objectives.

This is more than DAM – it’s brand management made easier, smarter and more successful.