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Energize your brand building with branding templates

Do you ever find yourself at work thinking “I wish there was a better way to keep control of our brand output”? Watching over your brand is complicated when colleagues are constantly using or even creating assets with no respect to your brand guidelines. As a result, building and developing your brand becomes almost impossible.  

You might take some comfort in the fact that research shows that over 40% of companies struggle with brand inconsistency. In other words, you’re not alone with your struggles. Nevertheless, brand consistency is a fundamental requirement if you are to succeed with your brand building and we’re here to let you know that there is a way to control your brand output. The answer is – Branding Templates.  

Branding Templates = DIY online graphic templates for marketers   

Branding templates, graphic templates, design templates, smart templates… Regardless of the term, it is impossible to grasp the full understanding solely by the word itself. There are simply too many variations of template types out there. So, what’s this about then?  

Avoiding brand disruption 

This is about eliminating brand inconsistency and the impact it has on your brand and your company. But it’s also about streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency across the entire company – modernizing how you work without losing control of your brand.  

Control your brand output 

This is about an online tool for marketers that allows anyone to design brand assets without ever breaking the brand identity guidelines. This technology is the ultimate tool for brands and marketers who is looking to secure brand consistency in every channel and platform.  

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Streamline your brand building 

We are all familiar with the traditional workflow where designers create and define a set of brand assets that everyone in the company should use. We are also familiar with the struggles of localization and format variations that follow. And finally, the time factor. Brand assets, regardless of type and shape, need to be delivered promptly…  It’s a full-time job!  

Simultaneously you need to work on the long-term strategic tasks necessary to build your brand. In the everyday life of the marketing department, it is hard finding that balance. Unless you have digital branding templates.  

Make brand assets adjustable 

By transforming your brand assets from an Adobe file that only a designer is qualified to change, to an online design template that anyone can change, you are not only making yourself and the designers a favour, but your entire company will have a better workflow and efficiency is guaranteed. 

  • Designers can work on designing assets for the long-term initiatives and prepare your brand for the next trends.  
  • Marketers can work on the long-term brand development initiatives without distraction. 
  • Colleagues in need of brand assets can create the asset they need, online, without breaking the brand guidelines or stand in line for someone else to deliver.   

This is the better way to control your brand output. Design is always professional and aligned with the brand identity, you decide what can and can’t be modified, and automated workflows make the creation process quick and simple.  

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Build your brand with ease 

Building a brand is neither a job solely for the Brand Manager or the marketing team alone. You need everyone to simultaneously walk in the same direction, and by having the proper technology at hand this will be a walk in the park. 

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Coming back to the initial question and improving how to control your brand output – this is how you do it. Branding Templates transform how you manage your brand and how your colleagues activate your brand. This tool simply eliminates the risk of brand inconsistency and leaves you with the time and resources you need to build your brand with ease.