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Just like that you’ll increase efficiency with template technology

Nobody appreciates tasks taking longer than necessary. Especially not the everyday tasks – where some feels like everlasting time thieves. Repeatedly it shows that you could have saved yourself the trouble if you had the right technology at hand.

Let’s take a closer look at how online template technology can make your marketing team’s life easier and more efficient.

Always prepared

“This was supposed to be published yesterday” – well-known words in any marketer’s daily life. It is simply not enough launching campaigns “a week late” in the competitive market we operate in today. That’s how your competitors close in on your market position – slowly, but surely.

With online template technology, anyone will be able to quickly publish material whenever they need it – without involving designers or other marketing colleagues. The technology ensures that anyone can easily create their own material without compromising your brand identity. This increases your company’s efficiency, and you save loads of time on everyday tasks.

Always efficient

Online template technology will free up resources, and the number of people involved when creating campaigns will be drastically reduced. Consequently, publishing will take up a lot less time. The technology will not only lead to time saved but also contribute to reducing company expenses.

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One step ahead of your competitors

With premade design templates that everyone in your company has access to, nothing can stop you from executing quickly and even making last minute changes. Time that before was wasted, is now saved with template technology and can be spent elevating your brand, moving you ahead of your competition.

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No more endless and frustrating searches

We have all been there: You need to create something, but you can’t find the assets you need. This is annoying in itself, but even more so, the time you have wasted is time you will never get back.

During a busy workday, the average marketer does not have the extra time needed to search for these assets. As such, it is beyond frustrating when time is spent on nothing. With an online platform this issue is eliminated because you will have everything you need to be collected in one place. This secures that all employees can find and create what they need regardless of the task, while simultaneously ensuring that your brand is always aligned with your guidelines.

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One campaign, multiple formats

A campaign is multifaceted. It needs tailoring to several markets, different channels, and digital formats. A time consuming task and several resources needs to be involved: Designers need to adapt and optimize for different channels and markets, marketers need to optimize for target groups, and maybe you need to create a video, which in turn will require video expertise. Too many cooks spoil the broth… In other words, if you are in charge of the campaign, it will be demanding streamlining the process and delivering your material on time..

Unless you have template technology to cover your back. Functional premade templates make sure everything is already optimized and ready for creation and publishing without including an army of resources. Simply put, the templates secure on-brand material without any trouble.

Look for a solution that does not limit your options regarding the material and assets you need to create. This way, you get a complete solution that makes it easy to create material for multiple scenarios – not just standard material, but also videos or display ads.

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A flexible workday is an efficient workday

An online solution for template technology is a solution that provides the employees with flexibility. By having the solution available online and removing the involvement of designers and other resources, you facilitate increased flexibility that empowers efficient workdays.