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How online layout design templates protect your brand identity

50% of companies say their customers expect great design and cross-channel consistency from their brand.

Staying consistent in every channel, on every platform, anywhere and anytime… Yikes! You can feel the stress, right? Unfortunately, the importance of proper and consistent branding is growing simultaneously with the evolving Martech stack. And if you don’t have the proper tools to manage your brand going forward, you’ll soon be in brand trouble.

So, how do you enforce brand consistency? There is no magic recipe as brand management is extensive and there is no single tool that can fix everything. However, if there is one tool you should take a closer look at, it is online layout design templates.

This marketing tool is a must-have for marketers and brands. It simplifies how you manage and protect your brand identity and it streamlines company operations. Let’s take a look.

3 reasons how online design templates protects your brand

Strong brands outperform weak brands by 20%. It’s safe to say that all brands are aiming for brand consistency and with online layout design templates at hand, this job becomes a whole lot easier:

You’ll have one source of truth
  • One of the biggest challenges with maintaining brand consistency is the issues with asset distribution and storage. With assets spread all over the place, it is difficult knowing what file is valid and which is not, and the risk of brand inconsistency is huge. By collecting all assets in one place, this challenge becomes redundant.
You’ll get brand control and brand development happens from one single place
  • Not only do you get to control your brand output with online templates, but you also get to keep your brand alive and keep it up to date matching current market needs. Whatever design update or additional format options, you can easily update your brand in real-time.

Staying brand relevant is easy

  • Market demands, and consumer behaviour is changing fast, and timing becomes a crucial factor for marketers and their brand. With online design templates you don’t have to worry that your brand will fall behind its competitors. Anyone can create brand assets in seconds without involving anyone else.

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How to get started with online design layout templates

Map up what brand assets are frequently used
  • There is probably no need to digitalize every brand asset your company has. Focus on assets that are repeatedly asked for and which need adjustments before use. E.g. posters, in-store promotions, menu’s, business cards, social media assets, ads and similar.
Map up what adjustments your colleagues ask for
  • You decide what can and can’t be changed, but you also need to make sure your template is matching the user’s need. Are they frequently asking for image changes, then you should allow images to be replaced or changed? Or how about the logo? Do you need to allow for different logo placements or even different logo colors? Regardless, with templates, you stay in complete control.
Digitalize your brand asset templates:
  • Transform your assets and make them available online. This tool allows anyone to create their own brand assets without risking brand disruption.
Make sure your brand asset templates are available
  • No tool alone secure usage. It’s crucial that everyone can access your templates 24/7. If not, it won’t take long before they give up and create something on their own.
Monitor usage and asset needs:
  • Your brand identity evolves, make sure your templates keep up with the development. But here’s the beauty with online templates, you can make changes and update your brand online, your colleagues will have access to the latest updates in real-time.

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What kind of brand assets can be digitalized?

In marketing there is more to brand assets than static images and documents. Although this blog mainly mentions assets based on Adobe Indesign you need to know that with the right tool at hand, you can also create templates for video marketing and banner advertising. With a full range template suite at hand, your marketing efforts will never be the same again. 

Grow your brand, grow your business

Branding and business growth are closely connected. Not only is proper brand building and the ability to secure consistency important for your brand awareness and company growth, but a solid brand identity also attracts potential investors. According to a study done by Reuters, 82% see brand strength as an important factor for investors.

In other words, proper brand building is mandatory if you want to attract customers and establish brand credibility that keep you market relevant for the long-run. And online layout design templates is one tool that will make this job a whole lot easier.