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What you need to establish proper branding processes

When you are cooking and you want to make it perfect, you need a recipe. After all, an excellent dish is not complete without the right ingredients, and you can’t skip a few of the steps in the process.

This is also how it is with proper branding. If you leave a few components out or take short cuts in the process, you will be left with an indigestible brand.

So, what do you need to establish proper branding processes?

Include the people in your branding processes

Many great speakers have spoken relentlessly about the people and the difference they make. And with good reason. The people do make a significant difference, and therefore it is essential that you have them on your side.

To make things clear, we are talking about the employees in this case – The employees make a difference in your branding strategy!

Establishing beneficial branding processes requires that you have the employees on your team. After all, the employees are the ones that live and breathe your brand and are in contact with the consumers every day.

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Consider the market

This part should really be at the end of the article because you won’t have success in the market if you don’t focus on having the proper tools in place first. However, it is impossible to ignore the consumers and the market this early in the branding process.

At the end of the day, the footprints your brand has made in the consumer’s mind are essential. The associations your brand has established will determine the success of your branding process. Spoiler alert: Bad associations rarely have a positive impact on your sales volume! In other words, you need to establish the right associations.

And how do you properly establish beneficial and desirable brand associations?

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Establish a proper branding strategy

“All roads lead to Rome” is a known saying. Although it does not account for the dead ends you might run into on your way. If you have a map and a plan for the journey ahead you are more likely to get there safe without any major challenges.

You would want the same for your brand, a well-planned and safe journey to the market. Therefore, you need a map and a clear strategy on how to get there. If you are interested, we have another more in-depth blog post about rebranding strategies here. Although it is not a rebranding journey you are heading towards in this case, the same strategy principles apply.

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Make sure you have the proper branding processing tools at hand

A semi-perfect metaphor, in this case, is if a carpenter is lacking the right tools, the house will not be ready on time.

Nevertheless, it is possible to manage your branding processes without too many tools. The question should therefore be: Will it be an efficient and beneficial tool?

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Without a system to store all brand and marketing related files, you may quickly run into chaos – files are used interchangeably, guidelines are continuously broken, and the employees lose their connection to the brand that is now heading in several different directions. All of this and a lot more is highly damaging to your brand.

With a brand asset management system these challenges can potentially fade away. The system secures that all files are available 24/7, guidelines are loud and clear, and brand strategies can easily be understood.

All of which secures streamlined branding processes that release valuable time you can spend elsewhere, focusing on strengthening your brand – instead of spending time on unnecessary time-thieves.