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How branding processes save time and streamline your brand

The cliché “time is money” didn’t occur by accident. If there is a lack of brand control in your company, handling your brand will quickly become a time thief. A time thief that drains your marketing budget and harms your brand.

With a proper Brand Management solution, it is easy to streamline your brand related tasks and save valuable time.

This is how you rationalize your marketing budget and workday with proper online branding processes. 

Make sure your brand assets and files are in one place

A factor that consumes unnecessary time is when brand assets and files are spread all over the place. When the assets are also being used incorrectly, this adds to time wasted. A variety of files are stored in different computers or hard drives belonging to the designers, sent in numerous emails and disappear in inboxes. Or worst case, you don’t know where your assets and files are. A survey shows that marketers in average look for assets 16 times a day, 35% of the time without any luck.

This steals valuable time. Time is spent looking for files and, in the end, you’re colleagues get tired of searching and creating their own assets instead – without following your brand identity guidelines.

Make sure your company invests in a solution where everything is stored in one place. In doing so, you avoid outdated material in circulation and the unnecessary time consumption related to this. Also, you can rest assured that all assets are aligned with your brand identity guidelines. An online solution not only contributes to saving time, you also have more time for value-adding tasks that strengthens your brand successfully.

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An updated brand is a successful brand

Brand identity is an important component of your company’s success. Nevertheless, it can be challenging if new and old files are used interchangeably.

In the worst case, this damages your brand reputation and it will cost you time and money. Campaigns must be withdrawn because they were not on brand, uncertainty increases among your colleagues on what can and cannot be used, unnecessary time is spent fixing, and the list goes on. You probably recognize and have experienced similar circumstances?

Make sure to find a digital solution that allows you to manage your brand online and secure valid brand guidelines. This helps you eliminate all challenges related to outdated content and marketing material. In addition to saving time, you safeguard your branding processes and grow a consistent and strong brand.

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Online branding process = Availability 24/7

As mentioned earlier, a lot of time is wasted searching and uncertainty on what can and cannot be used occurs.

With an online solution, you make sure your content is always updated and available for necessary persons in your company. This significantly reduces time searching for material and assets and it forms flexible working processes. A study shows that as much as 75% of millennials desire flexible workplaces. In other words: You reduce unnecessary time consumption, and you facilitate a more attractive place of work. Some will stretch this as far as killing two birds with one stone.

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Effectivity is all about control

Lack of control can give you the sense of working blindly. With an online solution, you make sure you are always in control of your brand and your brand identity guidelines. A lot of the advantages is the possibilities you get with brand management in real time, along with the overview of knowing how what and where your content is used. With an online solution you not only save time, but you are also on top of your brand management.