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Elevate your banner ad creation

Elevate your banner add creation

The use of display ads as a promotional tool has become common over the last couple of years and is not expected to slow down any time soon. In fact, almost 60% of the world’s population is on the internet. It goes without saying; standing out and getting market attention requires more than text – you need to make yourself visually appealing too.

Figuring out how to streamline the creation and publishing process of banner ads is easier said than done however, and that’s why a banner ad creator tool is one of the best friends a marketer can have.

Consumers face an overwhelming number of ads every day. Through your phone, tablet, and computer, as many as 1,700 banners ads are presented to you each month, but you only see half of them. Whilst blocking all of these ads can feel tempting, living in a world where a lot of our research and shopping happens online, the chances are you’re still partially dependent on display ads to find good deals.

As marketers, we need to figure out how to create ads that our consumers want to see on the right platforms, and this is where display advertising software comes in handy.

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is a very useful tool for companies who are looking to make asset protection and storage easy. By keeping all your assets in one place, you’ll always know where they are when you need them, and makes it much easier to keep all your files up to date.

Create engaging banner ads that convert

It’s no longer enough to simply create an ad, publish it and then leave it alone. You have to be smart about it if you’re going to have any success with reaching your audience. The trick is to avoid ad blockers and produce professional-looking ads that are relevant and engaging

Whilst this certainly poses a challenge, it’s a necessary one to face, as in marketing you have to spend your budget right and get value for money. Think of it this way: if you visit a store to buy a new phone, you don’t want the staff approaching you with offerings on refrigerators. It’s a complete waste of your time, and drastically increases the risk of you leaving the store without buying. The same applies when you are designing your ads and choosing your audience. The more relevant your ads are for your target audience, the more likely it is that they’ll engage with them.

A banner ad creator simplifies your marketing

You need responsive display advertising software that puts your brand in front of your audience instantly. How? Brand Activation Management (BAM) by Papirfly is powered by templates with pre-defined rules and values that makes it easy for anyone to create strong banner ads, whether they have any design skills or not.

Simply log on, choose your desired template, and add text and assets from your asset library. And don’t worry, the branding rules are automatically handled by the template, so there’s no chance of creating off-brand designs. When you’re ready, hit the button and publish your ads to your chosen media or platforms and you’re done. Alternatively, to give brand managers better control, assets can be submitted for approval before publishing just as easily.

Features such as these will free up a lot of time you’d normally spend building new material from scratch, waiting for feedback and approval, making tweaks and more feedback. BAM streamlines the whole process for you and your colleagues, so that you can spend more time focusing on strategy and long-term goals.

Next time you struggle with your banner ads, think about how BAM by Papirfly™ can simplify your life. 

Why you should invest in BAM by Papirfly™

As the digital marketing space continues to expand, the more tools we need to do our job. Having display advertising software is essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve with your banner ads and maximise their impact. When you’re budgeting for display ads it’s easy to set a number on how much you’re going to spend on your campaigns, but you can’t forget the production costs.

Brand Activation Management by Papirfly is a centralised platform for your brand that comes with a plethora of tools and design templates that will transform the way you work. BAM will help you create great display ads as well as any banner ad creator, in addition to helping you overcome a wide range of marketing challenges. Reduce your time to market, bridge the resource gaps in your team and free yourself from reliance on costly external agencies with BAM by Papirfly™.

If you want to know more about BAM and banner ads, download our brochure here.

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