Brand Activation Management (BAM by Papirfly™)

The power to produce professional print, digital and video assets, online, in an instant. It’s time to transform how the world sees your brand – own it, control it and create like never before.

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What is BAM by Papirfly™?

BAM is a single online destination for your global employees dedicated to preserving, protecting and propelling your brand. Teams can produce studio-standard marketing materials from bespoke templates, store, share and adapt them for their own markets and stay firmly educated on the brand’s purpose, guidelines and evolution – no agency help necessary.

Start empowering your team with BAM by Papirfly™

Create infinite marketing assets
Support your marketing and communication efforts with easy-to-use design software. Create brochures, videos, emails, social media assets and more completely independently.
  • checkmark Fully bespoke templates, branded and pre-programmed with set design, text and database parameters.
  • checkmark Provide complete autonomy for your employees to create materials in minutes without spending money on a specialist.
  • checkmark Adapt campaign materials, text and imagery for use in markets across the globe.
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To someone considering adopting Papirfly, I’d say, “just do it”. It has saved me and the local team so much time. I know that the assets they’re creating is of this high standard and is completely on-brand.
Find out how IBM saved tons of time by bringing asset creation in-house.
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Store & share your assets with DAM
Digital Asset Management (DAM) is built to organise, filter and store every campaign asset in your collection. Logos, fonts, imagery, videos and more can be found, downloaded, shared and modified by teams across the world.
  • checkmark Access everything you could possibly need in a single online destination.
  • checkmark Adjust permission levels to restrict who can use which assets.
  • checkmark Build on your asset collection as new creations are made, and be notified if and when there are errors.

Educating teams globally

Be proud of the brand you have worked so hard to protect. Make all guidelines, training videos and assets available company-wide to ensure teams interpret it most effectively.

Brand alignment

Keep your brand aligned and everyone on the same page – wherever they are in the world.

Drive consistency

Communicate the importance of brand consistency and instil a culture of attention to detail.

A single source

Create a single source of truth for all the latest documents, information, fonts and guides.

Manage and oversee delivery
Gain global governance with a full view of everything that’s been created and shared across international teams. Manage, plan and organise campaigns with our visual timeline tool and monitor its effectiveness internally.
  • checkmark Introduce approval workflows on assets created for complete quality control.
  • checkmark Assign assets to particular campaigns for ease of use.
  • checkmark Calculate your ROI by analysing how often assets are being produced.

BAM by Papirfly™ is constantly evolving

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