BAM, Brand Activation Management

Everything you want to know about BAM but don’t want to ask

Here’s our guide to some of the most commonly asked questions about Brand Activation Management (BAM). We’ll be adding to this growing FAQ list, so be sure to check back. Can’t find the answer you need? Get in touch with our team. 

How much does it cost?

The licence fee for Brand Activation Management (BAM by Papirfly™) depends on just how expansive you want your portal to be, and how much help you need in the initial set-up. Paying for BAM on an ongoing basis is done so through an annual SaaS fee that’s calculated based on how many modules you want and how much storage you need. 

Many of the brands we work with produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of assets each year, despite not having this budget to begin with. So, not only do you save money by bringing creation in-house, but you also maximise the budget you already have. 

Is it really infinite creation?

Yes. You can choose to add as many modules (video, social, print etc.) to your portal as you wish. Once you have your modules in place and your templates set up, you can then create as many assets from these templates as you want, truly infinite amounts, with no additional cost to the annual SaaS fee. 

How customisable are BAM templates and features?

Each module (e.g. video editing) will have customisable features specific to the type of asset you are creating. Across all modules, you can expect to see some consistent customisations across the board. You may or may not wish to use these, and they can be turned off if not required. Or, only specific team members can have access to specific customisations.
The most common types of customisation features are:

  • Logo and sub-brands
  • Headlines and body copy
  • Layouts and positioning
  • Sizing and formats
  • Localisation
  • Imagery 
  • Colour palettes 

What other big brands are successfully using BAM?

BAM is used by hundreds of companies across the world and has over 500,000 active users.

  • Unilever
  • AstraZeneca
  • HSBC
  • Modelez
  • Vodafone

Are we too big for BAM?

There’s no such thing as ‘too big for BAM’. We work with global corporations that have thousands of employees and hundreds of offices across the world. BAM portals are designed with you and the needs of the business in mind. It can grow and change as and when you need it to. 

Are we too small for BAM?

While BAM isn’t currently suitable for SMEs (watch this space!), we often find that some smaller brands and start-ups could really benefit from having BAM in place from the outset. If you are serious about controlling the integrity of your brand and empowering teams to create what they need, when they need it, take a look at our article on how BAM can maximise your marketing budget

Will our rate of growth outpace the software?

Your BAM portal is built with our team and can include all the features you need to accommodate your business and marketing needs right now. We can also future-proof your portal by adding elements you may not be ready for now, but anticipate needing in the coming weeks or months. Whenever you’re ready to take the next step, just ‘turn them on’ and get started right away.

Likewise, your BAM portal is an evolving tool. Your dedicated Customer Success Managers can manage any ongoing changes and customisations to keep up with your growth. The portal itself is highly customisable, so even if there’s something unique to your brand that you can’t see available in the portal, discuss it with us and we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. 

How do the localisation features work?

Teams can have access to as many or as few localisation features as you allow them to. Within the creation tool, they can do the following:

  • Create new assets from existing templates 
  • Edit and localise existing creatives
  • Switch out imagery to be more culturally specific or relevant
  • Change logos to be in line with their territory
  • Convert English text into localised language
  • Update any country-specific information or legalities 

Do employees need to be competent in design?

The idea behind BAM by Papirfly™ is for it to be accessible to every type of employee at every level. Anyone in your team that is able to use a computer and the internet will be able to use BAM effectively. 

Once your portal is built, teams need just an hour of training before they are able to hit the ground running.

Pre-defined rules and templates ensure that only certain actions can be performed, providing limitations that ensure the integrity of your brand is always retained. We like to call it flexibility within a framework. 

How does the portal work on a global scale?

Your portal is accessed via a login on a dedicated URL. Several logins and custom dashboard views can be created for different teams and individuals across the world. Teams can have access to only what they need or is relevant to their market, while those in charge can see everything if they choose. 

Customisation and admin control levels can be set at an individual level. Templates, libraries and the integrated DAM can be tailored and organised at a brand or territory level, ensuring that there’s no confusion over which creatives should be used and when. 

Will we still need to work with an agency?

We believe the partnership you form with an agency is invaluable. So much so that we even work WITH agencies to implement BAM for their clients. An agency’s strength lies in its strategic and creative skills, and with the magic of BAM the lion’s share of your budget can be spent on these strengths, with everything else taken care of in-house.

When delivering day-to-day collateral, you need it turned around fast, and this isn’t always possible for an agency. By striking the right balance of what should be delivered by your agency and your in-house team, your budget is spent in the right areas and your deadlines will always be met.

BAM is not just a powerful creation tool that allows you to deliver marketing at speed and scale, it’s also a brand education portalcampaign management tool and a Digital Asset Management system. BAM brings together all the key technologies needed to optimise your marketing output, and effortlessly delivers it in a single comprehensive platform. 

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How do I work out ROI?

This depends on several factors including:

  • Your current budget
  • How much you spend with agencies
  • Your need for marketing collateral
  • How demanding your deadlines are

How long does BAM take to implement?

This can vary depending on the scale of the project and your brand’s needs. Typically we would say that larger, disjointed brands can have their portals live within a year. Remember, there’s a lot of work internally that needs to be completed to get your brand aligned before we build your portal, and this is often where delays can lie. 

How can BAM prevent mistakes from happening?

When we build your brand portal, we create design templates with locked down and editable features. How editable or restricted each part of an asset is entirely up to you.

  • Your brand portal can also integrate with other systems to ensure the accuracy of data, such as a PIM or ERP system. 
  • A digitised sign-off process can ensure amends are made and collateral meets organisational requirements before an asset is ever allowed to be downloaded or published. 
  • Sizes and finishes for printed materials can also be pre-populated for each team or department to avoid misprints.

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