Go-to-market faster than ever

  • Create powerful customer journeys with multi-channel collateral
  • Empower your retail marketing teams with game-changing tools
  • For all hospitality, retail and consumer brands – there is a better way

Make every touchpoint count with our retail marketing solution

Brand integrity

Consistency of core brand identity with templates fine-tuned to every unique aspect of brand guidelines

Speed to market

Same day turn around, regional or local, for all promotional activity across your brand

Smart spending

Infinite marketing material created across all channels – in-house, without agency support, all under one licence

How it works

  • Create and activate unlimited assets for any consumer-facing endpoint — digital and physical
  • Increase consistency with pre-defined templates aligned to every aspect of your brand, accessible in all locations
  • Speed up creative processes by integrating every essential workflow element with our template technology


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customer retention

“To someone considering adopting Papirfly, I’d say, “just do it”. It has saved me and the local team so much time. I know that the assets they’re creating are of this high standard and are completely on-brand.”

Jo Bedford,
Global Recruitment Branding Manager

How does Papirfly empower global retail brands every day?

Campaign planning

Provide a visual overview of all global campaigns, with multiple templates and asset folders assigned to specific projects.

Give individuals and teams necessary access to overviews and on-brand material-creation tools at any time. Maintain total control on all real-time global campaign activity.

PIM & ERP system integration

Speed up production with integrations that ensure up-to-date prices, features and any other necessary product data is fed immediately into must-have-now marketing materials.

Establish faster processes with template technology that produces accurate digital and print collateral, across all campaigns, in every location and at any time.

Multichannel digital assets

Utilise customised, pre-approved templates enabling in-house teams to create studio-quality assets, without agency support.

Achieve a responsive brand reputation and capture golden opportunities to engage global customers across all channels, remaining on-brand at every touchpoint.

Print collateral

Respond to trends in real time with pre-defined templates for brochures, POS, signage and large format print.

Increase store autonomy, creating only what is needed for unique communities, reducing cost and waste whilst evolving away from a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Languages and localisation

Empower stores to tailor collateral to unique customer bases with a hyper-local flavour.

React to unique events, seasonality and local competitor activity whilst staying aligned to global market strategy. Translate key assets for global use, and allow international teams to shine by using a platform in their native language.

Integrations for distribution

Connect all your systems for print, social media, email, banner ads, digital signage, apps, website and more.

Give your teams every chance to action smooth workflows every day and hit all of your marketing strategy goals.

Discover a better way to go-to-market

  • Empower teams to deliver a speedy and consistent brand experience
  • Do more for less, and create value with every campaign asset produced
  • Gain control, grow globally and maintain localised customer experiences

Brand story

See how Unilever has aligned global teams with their brand

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