Hyper-localise every campaign

  • Guarantee alignment of local campaigns with your central strategy
  • Grant individual access to assets and pre-defined templates
  • For brands delivering hyperlocal experiences – there is a better way

Simplify complex campaigns with one smart solution for distributed marketing

Local execution

Central brand material is filtered down to relevant teams to use and adapt to their own customer base

Empower everyone

Guidelines applied to pre-approved templates give everyone high-quality asset creation abilities

Lower costs

Campaign and artwork costs are significantly reduced with tools that transform one-size-fits-all needs to hyperlocal delivery

Create local images to fit your distributed marketing strategy

How it works

  • Create and activate unlimited assets for any consumer-facing endpoint — digital and physical
  • Increase consistency with pre-defined templates aligned to every aspect of your brand, accessible in all locations to support your distributed marketing model
  • Speed up creative processes by integrating every essential workflow elements with our template technology


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customer retention

“To someone considering adopting Papirfly, I’d say, “just do it”. It has saved me and the local team so much time. I know that the assets they’re creating are of this high standard and are completely on-brand.”

Jo Bedford,
Global Recruitment Branding Manager

How does Papirfly support global brands with distributed marketing every day?

Make sure local campaigns are aligned with central strategies in your distributed marketing

Localised campaign planning

Give local teams the power to connect with core brand campaigns in order to align whilst adding nuance to specific customer bases.

Provide every team with the resources they need to create materials and execute campaigns, appealing to the specific behaviours of those that engage with their physical stores and locally-tuned online presence.

Streamlined after-sales process

Integrate PIM & ERP with systems to ensure every location can effectively sell items related to the initial core product.

Feed up-to-date product data from a central source into pre-approved templates for marketing materials that are responsive to local needs and trends. Give teams autonomy to utilise material to target specific here-and-now customer requirements.

Integrations that supports your distributed marketing
multi-channel asset management for distributed marketing

Aligned multichannel assets

Utilise central assets and customise for local usage, with pre-approved templates.

Remain responsive as a global and local brand by being hyper-relevant to customer needs, within channels serving specific geographical locations. Ensure customers get a consistent and personalised brand experience at every touchpoint.

Print for durable and consumable products

Provide collateral that appeals to customer-specific stores – whether short-term consumables or long-term durable products requiring marketing material that serves a bigger decision-making process.

Produce brochures, POS, signage and large format print that empowers store autonomy.

Print for durable and consumable products to support distributed marketing
Empower local stores through our distributed marketing platform

Nuanced brand execution

Empower stores globally to tailor centralised brand materials and campaigns to unique customer bases with a hyper-local flavour.

React to unique events, seasonality and local competitor activity whilst staying aligned to global market strategy. Translate key assets for global use and allow international teams to shine, using a platform in their native language.

Integrated systems

Connect all systems for print, social media, email, banner ads, digital signage, apps, website and more.

Give teams every chance to action smooth workflows every day and hit all marketing strategy goals.

Discover a better way to create hyper-local marketing

  • Empower teams to deliver a speedy and consistent brand experience
  • Do more for less, and create value with every campaign asset produced
  • Gain control, grow globally and maintain localised customer experiences

Customer story

See how BMW deliver their global brand to every destination

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