BAM by Papirfly™ for retail marketing

Produce marketing materials in a simpler, more cost-effective way. Increase the volume and frequency of collateral to gain that competitive edge on local sales and market trends.


What will BAM by Papirfly™ bring to your retail marketing teams?

  • checkmark A single platform for autonomous asset creation including campaigns, POS signage, digital marketing and more.
  • checkmark Full ERP and PIM integration to speed up production and ensure accuracy of the data fed into marketing materials.
  • checkmark Easy-to-use pre-set templates. Create sizes tailored at store-level for a proactive response to localised demands.
  • checkmark Increase turnaround time by bringing production in-house. Train your existing employees – no design expertise required.
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Consumers in the retail industry, they demand stuff quickly and the big advantage of using Papirfly is that we can actually react much quicker, we can customise our offers very quickly and very close to the deadline...That’s a really good thing.
Find out how Elkjøp keeps up with the fast-paced demands of their retail offering...
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BAM by Papirfly™ – Edit, update, manage and control your retail marketing

Everything your teams could need in a single online portal. BAM provides the freedom to create consistent print, digital and email marketing without agency support. React to seasonal demands and trends quickly, enjoy cost and time savings, no more duplicated efforts and a birds-eye view of your global store marketing activity. What’s more, you get total brand governance on every level, from the way things look and read, right through to the data that’s imported from your PIM and ERP system. Time to market is of the essence for any retailer, our automated input dramatically speeds up production time.


Custom templates for unlimited printed and digital collateral

Signage and POS to video adverts, social media posts and brochures – whatever marketing materials your teams need, BAM provides the power to bring it all in-house. With locked-down elements, you get absolute peace of mind that all assets delivered remain on brand and to a studio-quality standard. It’s time to remove production queues, empower teams to adapt their retail campaigns for local markets and respond to golden sales opportunities at speed.


A single source of truth for what your brand represents

Give everyone the resources they need to truly understand the values, guidelines and aesthetics of your organisation. Share colour palettes, tone of voice, logo variations, mission statements and more. Immerse your teams in what it means to have internal and external brand consistency and inspire a new way of thinking for your retail marketing teams worldwide.


Plan, approve and assess multiple campaigns

Effectively organise your in-store promotions, briefs and timelines in our intuitive campaign planner. Govern usage across stores, analyse productivity and add approval layers to ensure you have sight of all the important details. With a range of tools at you and your team’s disposal, embrace their autonomy and devote your extra time to strategic thinking.

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One central, easily searchable home for all assets

Forget the days of marketing materials, files, products and assets being lost or siloed and create a global resource for teams to view, share, edit and reuse. Start collaborating – BAM brings tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees across the world together to create a ‘one team’ spirit. Push and share content in an instant and prevent duplication of effort across the board.


Empower your team with BAM by Papirfly™

PIM and ERP system integration

Automatically import live product information, prices and benefits without a second thought.

Campaign planning

Effortlessly organise your marketing campaigns with our easy-to-use visual timeline.

Brochure templates

Turn dull documents into professionally crafted creations in a matter of minutes.

POS, signage and large format print

Transform your retail spaces with up-to-the-minute offers and information.

Video branding and editing

Brand, edit and own your videos. Embrace the future of storytelling today.

Social media assets

Scroll-stopping designs to amplify your brand on the most powerful platforms.

Languages and localisation

Ensure culturally appropriate assets with bespoke imagery and translated text.
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