Why marketers need digital brand templates

Innovation in brand automation solutions such as template technology, is streamlining previously time-consuming, manually-driven, repetitive tasks that cost marketing teams time, money and energy.

1. Reduce repetitive, manual tasks and save money

According to Smartsheet’s report Automation in the Workplace, workers said they look forward to spending less time on repetitive manual tasks and spending more time on the rewarding aspects of their work. One of the ways workers believe they could benefit from automation in their daily work is by reducing the number of productivity-killing tasks they execute every day to keep the business running.

The goal of brand automation above all else is to eliminate the extra effort associated with creating and updating brand assets. Brand management teams worldwide all have to produce a range of content to tight deadlines for their consumers, but outdated, manual processes often prevent them from achieving the efficiency they’re after.

Professionals in all industries, but particularly in marketing, waste an excessive amount of time digging through files to find the resources they need. In the event that they don’t, they often start from scratch and create every new asset they need for their upcoming campaigns.

By providing intelligent templates and access to a wealth of on-brand resources, brand automation platforms reduce the time it takes to produce assets, gain approval and distribute it to your various audiences. In essence, you produce more while putting in less, allowing your brand marketers to achieve a much greater return on investment.

2. Are custom templates right for you?

If any of the following factors apply to your company, custom-designed templates may be beneficial to your business:

  • You have a team of people who create branded materials for proposals, brochures, presentations, ads and marketing campaigns. 
  • You have standard assets that are used across multiple channels. 
  • You want to achieve brand consistency across all materials. 
  • You want to look professional.
  • You feel efficiency can be improved by streamlining your processes.

Here are some of the ways that bespoke marketing templates could increase efficiency for your business.

1. Time

Working with a template can help you save time and meet tight deadlines. Templates should include colours, fonts, logo designs, and anything that needs to be in place to stay within brand guidelines. When the template does most of the work for you, a lot of time is freed up for other brand efforts.

2. Consistency

All outgoing materials should be standardised to ensure your brand is consistent and reinforced across all materials and channels. Templates will help guide the process when multiple employees and contributors are involved in content creation, and ensure that all content produced follows your brand guidelines.

3. Space for strategic thinking

With the time you save, you get more room for strategic thinking. When you have more space to think, analyse data and get creative with ways to meet their needs, you help your employees unlock their potential to improve their return on investment.

3. What to look for in a template solution

Template technology is a solution that provides employees with flexibility. By having the solution available online and removing the need to involve designers and other resources in repetitive tasks, your employees get increased flexibility that makes it easier to work more efficiently.

However, in order to maximise your marketing team’s output, it’s important to look for a system that provides templates for a complete range of print and digital assets:


To gain optimal conversion frequency, ads must be recognisable to potential customers. This is best achieved by using a combination of pre-designed templates and automated working processes that guarantee consistency across all digital channels and platforms.

Social media

More than any other digital marketing channel, social media allows companies to target their market segments with tailored content, but these platforms also come with many challenges for brands, especially with tone of voice. 

Timing and consistency are everything, and it creates a major challenge for marketers when resources are stretched and there are deadlines to meet. With pre-defined templates designing assets is easy, regardless of who makes it, and your brand remains intact.

Printed materials

Most marketing efforts have moved to digital channels these days, but your company will still benefit from having templates for print as well. With self-serviced business cards, posters, roll-ups and more, your employees can easily create the assets they need on-demand without having to contact a design agency every time a new update is required.

Dynamic content

Standing out from your competitors demands even more creativity from marketing teams. Static content is nice, but sometimes you need to go further and this usually requires the skills and expertise from an external marketing agency.

But not anymore. With a modern automation system, templates for creating, adapting, changing, and publishing dynamic content to the channels of your preference is quick and easy.

Video templates

ideo creation used to be out of reach for most companies. It was perceived as expensive with professional production costs. Now it is unthinkable to exclude video marketing. In fact, 81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool.

It is important to be able to create videos fast and on-brand in order to engage with your audience effectively. So, look for template technology that lets you create and adapt your videos with only a few keystrokes so you can share high-quality content with your customers and prospects on a frequent basis.

4. Automate and simplify your workday

A digital solution with adjustable templates will reflect positively on your team in terms of efficiency. Create fresh brand assets like social media posts, video content, ad banners, posters and brochures by utilising predefined or custom templates to deliver new localised content on time, on brand and on budget.

Look for a solution that is available and intuitive and which supports all activities associated with your brand. With the template studio available as part of BAM by Papirfly™, anyone can rapidly produce on-brand, quality collateral for a wide range of digital and print channels – no specialist design skills required:

  • Social media assets
  • Videos
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Digital signage
  • Branded emails

Discover the efficiencies you can gain with our easy-to-use design software, and unlock the power BAM offers in helping you own, control and create your brand like never before. Get in touch to find out more, or book your free personalised demo.

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