Brand management

What is Brand Management?

Brand management cannot be explained in one single page. Afterall, there are full time studies for this subject. So why this blog? As a marketer, you have probably experienced the challenges with managing a brand while staying consistent and sticking to your brand development strategies. And most likely you have run into a few obstacles on the way? 

We can’t cover the entire subject of brand management in this one blog post, but what we can do is explain the basic principles and why it is important to get control of your branding processes. We’ll also give you a few tips on a brand management platform can boost your initiatives without much effort. 

What is Brand Management?

Brand awareness doesn’t occur overnight. Building a brand that is embraced by consumers and taking its piece of the pie called market share doesn’t happen by chance – and this is what Brand Management is all about.

In short terms, Brand Management consists of an array of functions and processes within marketing which involves brand strategies and techniques to make sure the goals you have set for your brand are achieved. This includes everything from outlining the brand plan and how you want your brand to be perceived, to analyzing, processing, adapting, and growing your brand over time – always aligned with the overall company strategies.

Brand management also involves increasing the long-term brand value and establishing healthy brand associations that nurture a loyal customer base. The main goal is to build, measure and control your brand.An essential factor in your brand management strategy is to include everyone in your company, not just your marketing team. It’s about establishing streamlined workflows throughout the entire company making sure the marketing team can rest assured that the brand is always used accurately, or in short establish effective brand management.

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Why Brand Management is important?

As mentioned initially, brand success does not happen by accident. Proper brand management ensures a consistent brand presentation and delivery to everyone involved with your brand. In practial terms, brand management streamlines your branding processes. 

Never before has the market changed faster – regardless of industry and brands face several challenges. Establishing solid customer loyalty while differentiating your brand from your competitors, demands visibility and consistency in a range of channels. And competition is fierce. Studies show that it takes 5 to 7 interactions with a brand before it makes an impression. In other words, if your competitors beat you to it, it will be hard getting the consumer’s attention. If that wasn’t enough, Forbes also refers to studies which uncover that consistent presentation of a brand across different platforms can increase your revenue by 33%.

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Successful brand management keeps you in front of your competitors 

The importance of brand management can’t be underestimated. Coming to terms with the growing pains of keeping up with the market and staying ahead demands a system and structure. It is key in order to continuously optimize your brand management processes . Consumer preferences change, the market changes, and your competitors are probably on top of this every day. If you lack proper brand management that secures a dynamic brand, you will most likely barely see the back of your competitors who are about to cross the finish line.

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Brand management empowers company growth

You need your brand to succeed with your company growth strategies. Your brand is what sets you apart and provides your company with an identity – leading to brand recognition and ultimately sales. In other words, how you manage your brand processes will at the end of the day determine the success of your company’s growth. 

Invest in a brand management platform and boost your branding processes

We are constantly in contact with different companies spread across different countries. A common denominator they face is the challenge to stay in complete control of their brand. The expectations for instant brand delivery and living up to the consumer expectations often comes at the expense of things being done wrong. Often at the expense of brand consistency.

A well-managed brand management structures your branding and make it easier to build your brand in the long run

Lack of a system for storing assets, new and old files used interchangeably, and ignored guidelines is not a good starting point when building a brand. Additionally, ad hoc tasks for adapting to local needs and markets is stressful and takes away your long-term focus. It easily becomes arms and legs, and one forgets brand strategies and consistency. This means that campaigns have to be withdrawn, and the work related to branding rarely feels cost-effective. 

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With effective brand management software these challenges are more or less eliminated. Instead of marketing files being stored all over the place, a system will help you structure files and templates orderly and make them accessible. Better yet, you secure clarity in your brand guidelines. Simultaneity, a brand system will streamline your branding processes for your entire company. By establishing synergies and workflows, your brand will become an asset for everyone – not just the marketing team.

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Brand management works

In short, this is brand management. If you add a platform on top of that it will transform the way you manage your brand. Efficiency is established, your time can be allocated to long-term branding strategies and value-added tasks. You will always be on top of your brand management, company goals for growth and increased value is within reach.

  • Brand management structures your brand
  • It secures your branding processes
  • It puts your brand into context and makes it usable for everyone
  • It makes it easy to enforce your brand strategy across your entire company
  • It establishes a foundation for long-term brand development
  • It provides the control you need to protect your brand identity
  • And more…

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