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There’s a saying that goes ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’- When there are a lot of people working together on something, or towards the same goal, independently or as a team, there is a great potential for things to get disorganized. As digital assets are spread in all directions, things get misplaced in wrong folders, and consistency in the use of logos and marketing materials suffers.

Maintaining consistency in how your brand is presented across all channels is a central pillar of good brand development, and highly important to your brand recognition. If your branding isn’t consistent, it will have a negative impact on your bottom line, and you may even run the risk of running into an unfortunate PR disaster. In short, a brand that isn’t presented consistently is underperforming.

It might seem like a simple thing to stay on top of, but in reality it takes more than a memo and a brand guidelines document to get ahead of the problem. As mentioned above, the more people who work with and present your brand (it might not just be marketers), the harder it becomes to make sure everyone is staying within the guidelines. What you need is our brand management platform.

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Your one stop shop for all your branding

If you’re utilizing a standard Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, or maybe even just a simple cloud storage service, it’s easy for files to get lost in all the folders, and your marketers end up wasting a lot of time searching for that one file they need, or chasing down the people who may or may not have it saved on their hard drive.

Additionally, when they finally find the file, it might not even be the latest version. If they don’t find it at all, they might even decide to create something themselves, without proper designer skills or knowledge of the intricacies of your brand guidelines.

Papirfly’s solution lets you store everything in one place, and easily keep it all up to date. Everyone will also have easy access to brand guidelines, so that they can be found easily when needed.

Beyond storage, Papirfly also lets you make sure that all assets and created material is on brand, by employing predefined, bespoke templates that enforce brand guidelines when new material is created.


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Understanding your brand@2x

Everything up to date

Your brand identity is too important to let it be damaged by outdated or inconsistent assets and material, as it is integral to the success of your brand and company. But keeping everything up to date without help can be surprisingly challenging.

Our brand management platform lets you administrate your brand via an easy to use online portal. This ensures that everything related to your brand, from assets to guidelines, is always up to date and consistent. That way you know that your brand’s presentation is always at its strongest, and you can focus on strategy and campaign planning.

Here at Papirfly we will always make sure your solution is updated and meets every expectation you have for it. Papirfly simplifies your brand development, so that you will always be ready to meet the needs in the market, whether it’s shifting trends or jumping on the latest hot topic, with full confidence that your brand is strong and consistent.

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