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Marketing as usual – from anywhere

Managing a brand efficiently is always challenging. Especially when the marketing department is scattered across different locations. Having one place for digital assets, templates, brand guidelines and more will help your company drive your marketing forward regardless of where your colleagues are.

Efficient brand management is demanding for most marketers. The companies that achieve success are often the ones who have a consistent and recognizable brand that stands out in the crowd and stands out from the competition.

Structure your brand management

The challenge is that less than 10% of B2B companies state that they consider their own branding to be very consistent. In addition, only 25% claim that they actually comply with the guidelines set for the company’s brand profile.

Well-structured brand assets are increasingly rare, which can present a number of challenges when marketing is spread across multiple locations, and may work remotely.

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Access everything you need, anywhere at any time

It is important that your business brings together the entire brand profile in one place.

You simply cannot afford a fragmented approach to branding where details of the brand, digital assets and strategy are kept separate. Instead, you should have a system in place where you can manage your entire brand online, wherever you are. Where everything is available in one place, so you and your business stay up to date.

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Checklist for ensuring your marketing can be done from anywhere: 

  • Are your digital assets available for download 24/7? 
  • Is your digital asset library intuitive and searchable?
  • Is your marketing collateral self-serviced?
  • Are your colleagues dependent on you to execute marketing activities?

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