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Manage your brand with collaboration software for marketing

A marketing team spread across different locations can challenge how brand and marketing activities are carried out. Before you know it, your colleagues are becoming self-proclaimed designers and your brand is having an identity crisis. And to make matters worse, market communication and campaigns are created locally without any consideration to the brand strategy.

When your team is scattered, having a marketing collaboration tool that will help you secure your central brand management while allowing local execution is key.

Is your marketing team equipped for decentralized operations? The roads to success are many, here are some tips to get you started.

Make sure your brand identity guidelines are available and updated

We have all been there. You have created the most beautiful brand guidelines and shared it with your colleagues in an email. But what happens when you have made changes? How sure are you that your colleagues have the latest version?

The chances are that they have missed your latest updates and keep following a version that is not only outdated, but incorrect and harmful to your brand. There are many things that can hurt your brand, and an inconsistent brand image is one of them. Studies show that confused customers are less likely to be returning customers and you lose out on future business.

Stop taking chances with your brand image. Secure your brand management with online brand guidelines, and bring life to your brand and its voice. Always available and updated.

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Make sure your brand assets are always available

Logos, images, illustrations, videos and even marketing collaterals are important assets for any marketer. Regardless of blogs, website updates, social media promotions or more, marketers are unable to complete their tasks without them.

If digital assets are unavailable in the format needed, it often ends up with local creativity. And let’s face it, in most cases, this is more damaging than helping to your brand. To quote Mark Ritson “The idea that marketers need to be creative is a load of baloney, we’re useless at it”. So, how can we avoid this from happening?

Having a digital asset management solution will solve this easily. Not only will you be able to structure your assets, but they will also be available and easy to locate for anyone of your colleagues, no matter where they are. No more stress or concerns about local creations in use.

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Make sure there are no bottlenecks in your workflows

Marketers are familiar with local adaptations, and we all know how time consuming this can be. The effort to create premade assets for every need is impossible and instead, you get frustrated colleagues and a pile of uncompleted tasks.

With Template Studio, your colleagues get an online, self-service design tool. Your marketing team can easily adapt material and assets to their own need while your brand stays consistent throughout any location and channel.

Not only do you establish efficient workflows this way, you also reduce the risk of bottlenecks and frustrated co-workers. With online templates, anyone can be a designer while adhering to brand guidelines at the same time. And the best part about this, time to market is dramatically reduced.

With brand guidelines, digital assets and templates available, what more do you need for effortless marketing collaboration and seamless brand management?

The more decentralized your marketing team is, the more you need a collaboration tool.  With all of the above in place adding a planning tool will also help you align and coordinate your marketing efforts is a brilliant way of keeping track and structuring your activities.

An online calendar that allows you to plan your efforts and attach necessary digital assets and information enables carefree planning.

With everything in one place and available for your entire marketing team, it doesn’t matter where your team works from. You’ll have a online marketing collaboration tool that provides the transparency and overview you need to keep up the pace, align your teammates and stay on track with your marketing activities.

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With BrandMaster, you get a flexible platform that allows your team to collaborate across locations and time zones, always on brand, always updated and always available.