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What is a banner ad creator?

Marketers are used to adapting to new technology and speedy marketing trends – It’s comes with the job. Nevertheless, that does not mean that it’s easy. On the contrary, the fast changes surrounding the Martech development forces us to create and publish more. If it was one format and multiple channels we wouldn’t have to stress. But the reality is different.

Banner adverting is one of many tasks’ marketers need to take into consideration. Although this type of advertising has not been for everyone, we are becoming increasingly digitalized and who’s to say what the future holds? Will print still have a place in the future of advertising?

Create banners ads that stand out and avoid blockers

Digital ads turn up everywhere when you’re scrolling the internet. Whether you’re reading an article in your local newspaper, professional articles, shopping or searching. With increased banner ads, came ad blockers. In 2019, roughly 25.8% of internet users were blocking advertising on their connected devices. Does this mean you should give up? Absolutely not, blockers are used because the audience is tired of intrusive, bad ads with irrelevant messages. 83% actually wish they could just filter the ads they don’t want to see instead of blocking everything. In other words, they are welcoming display ads as long as they are of value to them.

Design smart, elegant and target relevant banner ads

You need to avoid ad blockers. And from the looks of it, the way forward is beautiful and relevant designs. Another important element in digital ads is personalization. This is not a new concept in consumers vs. sellers. Think about the times you go to the store and personnel asks if you need help. They do so to provide you with personal assistance based on your needs. Personal display ads have the same objective; to provide you with personal assistance. Zalando is a great example on how they try to connect with people on a more human level.

The question is, do you have the skills and insight to do this on your own, or do you need expert help?

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Say hello to a banner ad creator

With a banner ad creator tool, you don’t need to be a skilled UX designer or have any programmatic knowledge. Because a resourceful banner ad creator will do the job for you.

Now, it’s recommended to use a designer for the actual design and layout. Once that’s in place, you’ll create ad templates based on the design. After that, anyone can design beautiful and unique display ads with a few simple steps. It doesn’t matter what format, platform, or channel you need to create banner ads for. This is all handled by the banner ad creator.

And when changes are due, you’ll be able to update your ads in real-time without worrying about different formats, asset optimization or hiring help from a skilled designer. You are completely self-serviced.

Benefits of a banner ad creator

  • You’ll be in control of your ads in any channel or platform from one single place.
  • Agency costs are reduced as you can solve changes on your own.
  • Marketing efficiency will increase as you will have one place for maintenance, updates, and publishing.
  • Brand consistency is secured. One single source of truth ensures your ads look the same everywhere.
  • One platform, multiple outputs. Designing banner ads is time-consuming because of all the different formats. With an ad creator this issue is eliminated.
  • Personalization and audience relevancy is neatly handled by the tool.
  • Avoid wasting ad money. The beauty of digital ads is the ability to see your performance in real-time and optimize when necessary.

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Why should you avoid free ad creator tools?

There are plenty of free ad creators or platform specific tools (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram ++) available and it’s easy to think that this will be good enough. However, there are some downsides you need to be aware of:

  • Is your brand image respected? Free tools usually don’t offer customization which makes it hard to design display ads that are on-brand. Fonts, buttons, logo placement, colors and more is based on fixed standards. Creating that unique and beautiful look becomes impossible.
  • Are you able to optimize your brand assets for all ad formats? Display ads are not “one size fits all”. When creating ads, you have to optimize each format individually to secure optimized designs. Controlling this with free tools are difficult.
  • Can you publish directly from the ad tool? If you use Google Ads, the ads you create will only apply to Google and its network. If you use LinkedIn, your ads will only be published in LinkedIn and so on. This is tedious and time-consuming. And don’t even get us started on the maintenance…
  • Can you change the ads in real-time? Ad relevancy is important, and changes are bound to happen. How do you secure ad relevancy if you have created your tools in a free creator, or used platform specific tools?  

If you’re still hesitant if you need to invest time and resources in banner advertising, you’re probably not alone. There are still many companies that are serving a more traditional audience and print isn’t dead just yet. Regardless, Millennials are turning 40 and Generation Z is about to start their working life. Will they use printed media? Or should you consider investing in technology that keeps your brand visible and valid for the next generation as well?