An exciting new era for Papirfly, with the same drive for excellence

An exciting new era for Papirfly, with the same drive for excellence

An exciting new era with the same drive for excellence

Empowering brands is what we do. Since Papirfly was founded back in 2000, our customers have received game-changing solutions to activate their brands on both a global and local scale. Our success has provided us with the wonderful opportunity to practice what we preach – to fully take charge of our future and activate our own global brand in a new, fresh and exciting way.

In March 2021, we created Papirfly Group as we merged the companies of Papirfly and Brandmaster – two brands born in Scandinavia, with the same global vision to transform marketing operations with innovative tech solutions. Having added Meriworks six months later, with the trust and support of our growth-investment partners, Verdane, we’ve been excitedly working behind the scenes. I’m grateful to everyone within the company, as they’ve all helped play their part in increasing our momentum as pioneers in the Brand Activation Management space.

We’ve recruited and acquired a great deal of new talent in these last few years. As we move forward together to serve our customers with one united vision, I’m proud to announce our launching as one brand identity – Papirfly.

Creating a look that matches our high standards

Evolving as a company and platform has meant that our brand has needed to catch up.

As you can see, our expert design team has created a new visual identity that recognises the legacy of both Brandmaster and Papirfly. Our common personality and professionalism is presented in a bright, energetic and unique style. Rooted in Scandinavian design, our heritage is woven into our DNA – remaining playful, innovative and passionate, reflecting the way we inspire and empower brands.

Our recent growth and development as a notably fresh brand does not change the level of delivery and drive for excellence at this next level of innovation – rest assured, that is business as usual.

In fact, working under one brand means that our teams are working more closely together than ever, creating solutions and developing personal relationships and collaborations with brand leaders. Our customers can still expect to drive their own brands to the next level and unleash the potential of talent within their global teams.

Specialising across various niches – corporate communications, employer branding and the mult-faceted aspects of retail, hospitality and consumer brands – our expansion and evolution benefits everyone. Helping brands build on their foundations to reach greater heights in the coming years. And in unpredictable times, keeping up with and being one step ahead of the competition has never been more important.

The future of brand management

I hope you like our new brand identity. Naturally, we used our own all-in-one brand management platform to manage our rebrand. Whether you’re launching a new brand, going through a rebrand process, or simply looking to achieve global governance and total brand consistency, we’re excited to serve forward-thinking brand teams at the start of their own new adventures.

Connecting your message across your own people is essential, as is staying on-brand and aligned to that message with customers at every touchpoint. Every person across your brand deserves to excel in their role. There’s a better way to empower your marketing teams – and with a fresh new look brand, we’re more ready than we’ve ever been to help you grow and succeed.