End-to-end brand activation

Manage & Share

Effectively organise marketing operations and plan, approve and assess multiple campaigns. Govern usage across all touchpoints and give marketing teams a clear sense of direction

Centralising all aspects of brand

management improves

Manage & share digital assets

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Centralise thousands of digital assets into one globally accessible library, empowering all teams in every location to create always on-brand marketing material.

Assigned access

Gain peace of mind by granting autonomy and flexibility to individuals and teams to use specific sets of assets. Assign person-specific admin levels for responsibilities such as the uploading and deletion of incoming and outgoing on-brand materials.

Manage & share access
Manage & share your local assets

Bespoke structuring

Locate assets with speed by searching for an exact requirement, tagging material in whichever way works the business via categories, campaigns, countries and more, in order to edit and send multiple items to anyone across the organisation.

Multiple integrated tools

Connecting organisations’ existing suite of tools – including full PIM and ERP integration for retail and consumer brands – ensures that every product and service can be fully articulated by marketing teams, in every location.

Manage & share your assets through multiple integrated tools

“Having Papirfly now has allowed our markets to feel more empowered, and, for us, the way that we work with our markets and our global employer brand community is a lot easier.”

Sophie Haynes
Global Employer Brand Manager

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Prepare everyone across your business to champion your brand with an undisputable single source of truth – cultivating a consistent, global experience of what your brand stands for.

Oversee and align your organisation by creating streamlined processes – giving tailored access across all asset-creation templates as you create clarity around marketing materials and the campaigns they serve.

Customise templates so all digital and print collateral is already pre-approved for studio-quality asset creation by in-house teams – offering peace of mind and creating a responsive brand for your global customers.

Access insightful reports and identify trends and market needs through user-level analysis – comparing different campaigns and gauging success with full visibility of asset creation and volume to guide future output.

Create a home for your brand with BAM by Papirfly™