Plan & Collaborate

Version 0.1


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Use cases

  • Support bespoke and complex ways of cooperation for marketers, designers, business owners, and others involved in the co-op processes. Build your own activity layouts and give users all they need to know to speed up collaboration.

  • Plan your campaigns and activities in a required time frame, use your own set of statuses, and assign cases to other team members. Get a bird's-eye view of all your activities and how they are progressing.

  • Send material to be approved by stakeholders so you are always using only the correct materials in your campaigns and marketing activities. Whether it's templates, pdfs, images or text documents.



  • 0 years, released in 2023

Newest release

  • Version 0.1, May 2023

Oldest release

  • Version 0.1, May 2023



  • Standalone Planner application, standalone Collaboration application, built upon BrandMaster tech stack

  • Login via Paprifly SSO

  • User role management handled by Papirfly's SiteAdmin tool


  • Planner application

  • Collaboration application

  • Resolut MRM Planner

Innovation Roadmap

  • Initiatives: Major projects and innovation themes we have committed to deliver

  • Epics: Cluster of R&D tasks that will turn our initiatives into reality



  • Papirfly Product Suite


  • Plan allows users to approve creatives in Papirfly's Produce product via the Plan approval loops feature

  • Plan allows users to display assets from Papirfly's Digital Asset Management product [Place] in Plan's activities feature

  • The data from Plan will be available in Papirfly's Prove product, where the data can be aggregated, displayed, and made available for analysis to Prove users.



  • Papirfly Product Suite


  • Designed and developed with WCAG 2 guidelines in mind


  • Currently suitable for standard computer screens and resolutions, not currently mobile/tablet compatible


  • English


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Co-op projects

Project overview

  • Activities displayed in timeline view

  • Activities displayed in list view

  • Zoom in/out and predefined zoom levels

  • Left panel hierarchy tree with work items

  • Display range to select only activities relevant in a given time frame


  • Activity detail view in the right-side panel

  • Activity detail view in the modal window

Layout settings

  • Basic settings for each template: template title, icon, active/inactive settings

  • Access rights settings determines how users can work with work items created from this layout

  • Organization structure settings for each layout determines the position within the hierarchy

Layout Timeline settings

  • Display settings of the element's information used in the timeline bar plus timeline bar visual settings

  • Display settings of the element's information used in the popovers

Layout builder

  • Possible layouts to use - right-side panel, modal window

  • Layout's sections for dividing multiple elements into groups

  • RIght-side panel with element's ready to use in the layout

  • Preview mode to see how different user roles will see a work item created from the layout


  • Default element's ready to use in the layouts with default values and settings

  • Saved elements ready to use in the layouts with pre-defined settings

Element settings

  • Basic and advanced settings for each element

  • Select elements types are connected with the global category trees from Category manager

  • Access rights settings determines how users can work with specific elements within the layout

  • Validations are used for specifying validation rules of character's amount for text and number elements

Element types

  • Text elements for entering text information

  • Number elements for working with values

  • Select elements for selecting from Global category trees in the form of dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons

  • Date elements for setting from and to date

  • Resource element for connecting Planner work items with specific Place archives

  • Hierarchy widget for specificying where exactly in the hierarchy the work item will be used

Approval projects

Projects list

  • List of all ongoing approval projects

  • Two main project types: Place Approval projects, Creative Approval projects

  • New project settings

Project overview

  • Overview of creatives or assets which are used in the project

  • Basic information for each material: title, thumbnail, create date, due date, initiator, reviewers, version

  • Search engine and filters

  • Bulk actions for Place approval projects

Stage settings

  • Two main review types: Simple review, Multi-stage review

  • Stage settings detail: Stage title, Reviewrs select

Review tool

  • Left panel with all material used in current project

  • Material detail

  • Comments section for commenting and annotating specific material

  • Stage information: Stage name, Reviewers overview

  • Status dropdown for changing the status: Pending review, Needs changes, Approved, Rejected

Email notifications

  • Automatic notifications for Initiators and Reviewers sent in specific situations (Status change, Due date)


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  • Creatives from Produce part of Plan approval loops

  • Approved creatives from Plan are displayed with 'Approved 'status in Produce


  • Place assets can be linked through Place Plugin in Plan activities

  • Users can upload assets from Plan activities directly into Place archives

  • Users can upload and approve assets via Plan approval loops directly into Place archives


  • Application data can be sent to Prove where data can be displayed and aggregated for different user roles

Category Manager

  • Global category trees used in Plan activities

Unit Manager

  • Unit levels used in Plan co-op projects to achieve locally driven co-op hierarchies


Nager Date

  • API for getting public holidays is built for Plan approval projects


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  • TypeScript


  • Angular



  • C#, PHP


  • .NET 6, Nette

Tech information


  • AWS Cloud hosting


  • DynamoDB


  • S3 Bucket


  • CloudWatch

Event logging

  • SNS


  • CloudFormation

Backend APIs

  • Lambda functions, API Gateway


  • Route53

Deployment Process

  • Bitbucket Pipelines


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