Knowledge base

Page admin basics

Page admin lets you manage all of your pages within Point, giving you all the tools you need to make changes to all pages within the same window.


Opening page admin

To start using page admin, you first need to ensure that you have the access rights to do so. If you do have the access rights, you should be able to get access to page admin by clicking on the symbol in the floating menu inside Point.

Creating a new page

To create a new page in page admin, follow these steps:

  1. Open page admin
  2. Click on the button called + New page above the page overview
  3. Fill in the details of the new page and finish by clicking on Create new page
  4. You have now created a new page

Editing existing pages

To edit an existing page, follow these steps:

  1. Open page admin
  2. In the page overview, click on the specific page you would like to edit and a new area will open in the right hand sidebar
  3. Edit the information of the page in the right hand sidebar
  4. Click save when you are done editing
  5. You have now edited an existing page

Where to create new page templates
  1. Open page admin
  2. In the page overview, click on Page template builder in the upper right corner, and a new area inside page admin will open
  3. In this area, click on + New template and a new window will appear
  4. In this window, give the template a name and click create
  5. You will now have an empty template that you can utilise to create your own template. In order to build your own, find the modules you would like to use in the right hand sidebar (content, Navigation, Header, Integrations and Footer) and click-and-drag the modules into the field in the middle to build your own page template
  6. As soon as you are done customising your own Page template, click on Save template in the upper right corner
  7. You have now created your own page template. Now, remember to activate it by selecting it when editing a specific page