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Error messages

In contrary to a warning message, an error message is there to inform you that something within the document must be improved. If you do not fix the error, you will not be able to generate a final output (document, video etc.).

The error symbol looks like this:

Errors usually only appear after you have been editing a document and something is not in line with how the template has been decided to look. Look at it as a step to prevent you from making mistakes when creating material; It is supposed to help you with ensuring branding consistency and quality.

In order to see error messages and correct those in the editor, follow these steps:

  1. First, navigate to Produce
  2. Open a existing document in edit mode, and a new pop-up window will appear with the papirfly editor
  3. If there are any errors within the document, you should see a red error icon in the top right corner
  4. Click on the error icon and a menu will appear underneath showing the error description. You will not be able to generate a final output (.pdf or other formats) before the error message has been fixed.
  5. By click on the specific error message the editor will take you to the page and highlight the issue for you
  6. Correct the error, save and close the editor, and the final output should be generated

Typical errors:

  • Image resolution is too low. To fix this issue, use an image of a higher resolution
  • Too much text. In some text-boxes there can only be a limited lines of text. If you surpass this limit, you will not be able to generate material for this specific document. Remove text in order to be able to generate your document/asset.