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Data subjects

The data subjects are the people that have signed consent forms for photo shoots. They will all be stored in this area and you can easily search for a name. You can click a person to see an overview of all forms and photo shoots they are part of.

Data subjects overview
  • Selfie: This is the picture of the data subject. This will be displayed when selfie is activated on the consent form template
  • Name: Name of the data subject. Click the name to get access to all session person is part of
  • Forms: Number of forms signed by a data subject
  • E-mail: E-mail of data subject
  • Options: Gives access to more options on what to do with the data subjects
  • Search: Search for data subjects names
Data subjects photo sessions
  • Session name: The name of the photo session the data subject has participated in.
  • Options: Display consent, download form as PDF, delete photo session and consent from data subject.
  • Status: The status of the signature on the consent form template for this photo session.
  • Search: Search for photo session related to this data subject