Knowledge base

The Carousel component is a great way to show of news, campaigns or to have a welcome image on a page.

In Edit mode you can gain access to carousel options by clicking the cogwheel underneath it.

General settings

The options for the carousel are:

  • Slides: List of all the different slides in this banner. If you have multiple slides, you can then have these animate and show different content
  • Add new: Click add new to add additional slides.
  • Display: Allows to select between normal header carousel with support for multiple slides OR Search. If search is enabled, you can select a pre-made search page (PLACE view) as a search result page.
  • Size: The carousel comes in 3 sizes.
  • Animation time: If you have multiple slides, you can decide how long one slide is visible before moving over to the next.
  • Animation type: If you have multiple slides, you can decide what animation type is used to transition between slides.
  • Save: Clicking this will publish any changes you have done.
  • Background: You can select background color, image or video to display for each slide. Remember to use web optimised imagery so loading times do not increase.
  • Focus: If you use an image or a video, you can then decide “focus”. If for example someone views the page on a phone, the banner might be cropped and you can decide where the “focus point” is on the image.
  • Header: This is the large title on the banner
  • Sub header: Smaller sub header text
  • Additional text: You may add an additional block of text onto the banner.
  • Link: Add a link to external or internal content and a button will appear on banner
  • Inverse: Inverts the color on text and button. Used for contrast.
  • Duplicate: Duplicates the banner so you can quickly make an alternate version
  • Delete: Deletes the banner (only this one slide)
  • Save: Remember to save your changes.