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AND / OR Search (filter)

“AND” is the default search engine option. This will exclude everything but what you select in the filter. “OR” Search will include more files the more filter options you select. Example with OR: Show me images of “Shirts” or “Pants”. All shirts and Pants will show.

And / Or

Switch between And / Or search.

Auto-Parsing (On / Off)

Turning Auto-parsing on, will split all search words with space between them in to separate search tags. This is very useful in combination with “OR” search and pasting space separated product numbers to find all at once.


Knowledge base

GDPR (filter)

As GDPR handling is becoming increasingly important, Place includes fully digital workflow for handling GDPR consent and processing time. All GDPR session and forms are handled in the GDPR admin application.

All assets

Show all assets in the archive regardless of included privacy data or not.

GDRP Assets

Show only assets containing privacy data.


Filter on photo session names. Sessions are created in the GDPR admin application.


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Asset info (filter)

The Asset information filter contains many auto generated filtering that can be used to find the correct assets.

Asset type

Quickly filter out main asset types like images, videos and documents.


Find an asset by selecting the file extension of files you want to see.

Time and date

Find asset based on when it was uploaded.


Find assets by their orientation. Here you can quickly find landscape, portrait and square assets.


Filter files above and below 2Mb


Select to show current active assets, pre-published or expired assets.


Filter on who uploaded the asset.


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Detection (filter)

Papirfly Place have the option to do AI analysis of your images, and create automatic tags based on decided threshold of correctness. In this filter you can find all the AI generated tags.

Detection tags

All AI generated tags. Search for a tag with the magnifying glass icon.


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Categories & Tags (filter)

The filter for categories & tags is probably the most used filter by all customers. This is where you can find assets affiliated with custom created categories relevant for your business. The category tree is most often created by the system owners to sort larger collections of assets within company specific topics.


Select a category from the category tree, or search up a category from the magnifying glass icon.


Find assets by tags added in the upload process. you can use the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific tag.


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What are filters?

There are many ways to find what you are looking for in Place. The search options and filters make up a powerful tool to find your valuable assets. You can combine all filters with each other to narrow down to the exact assets you are looking for.


The Markets filter will show you what business areas assets belong to, and any Geo location stored in images. Read more about markets here.

Categories & Tags

Show the systems category tree built by the system admins, and tags added by the person uploading the asset. Read more about categories & tags here.


The detection filter show automatically detected tags set by the AI of the system. Read more about detection here.

Asset Info

All automatic file analysis filters can be found here. Read more about asset info here.

GDPR filter

Filter on photo sessions related to GDPR signed forms. Read more about the GDPR filter here.


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Markets (filter)

The Markets filter will show you what business areas assets belong to, and any Geo location stored in images.

Business Area

The Business area shows what assets are affiliated with the business area in question. An asset can belong to several business areas.

Postal code

The postal number identified in the Geo-location of an image.


What country is the asset/ image taken. This information comes from the Gelo location in the asset.