The Total Economic Impact™ of Papirfly

A positive return on investment (ROI) is one of the only metrics that matters – simply put, do your gains outweigh the cost of your investment?

Concerning brand management tools, searching for online solutions that provide great value can lead to trying many ‘shiny new objects’ that address key business challenges – brand consistency, reliance on expensive agencies for assets, a bird’s-eye view of campaign activity, gatekeeping brand guidelines, to name a few.

In reality, few solutions generate a positive ROI whilst creating long-term business benefits that support advancing your brand strategy – allowing you to maintain gatekeeping control of your brand. In short, having the right information before you invest in brand management tools is pivotal.

That’s why Papirfly commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to determine the financial and business benefits our customers experienced from our brand management platform.

And the results are in.

212% ROI over three years

Combining the results of four customer representative interviews and the financial analysis of their business, a composite organisation was formed.

The study found the composite customer experienced benefits of $1.72 million over three years versus costs of $553,000 – adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.17 million and an ROI of 212%.

Improved asset creation efficiency

Whilst external agencies can be important collaborators, Papirfly have empowered brands to reduce the requirement, and therefore cost, of regularly using external agencies when a high quantity of fast, high-quality marketing materials are needed across any location that brand operates in. Prior to adopting Papirfly, the study reports that customers’ global and regional teams primarily worked with agencies to create branded collateral – and the composite Papirfly customer saw a three year-benefit of $455,400 in reduced agency spend.

three year benefits

In addition to less reliance on external agencies, the interviews from the Forrester TEI study showed that, prior to adopting Papirfly, our customers experienced limited brand governance, a single source of truth for the brand was lacking, and brand guidelines and assets were stored in disparate systems or folders across the organisation.

Interviewees confirmed that after investing and using Papirfly, they had advanced asset production processes – to the benefit of $1.2m across three years for the composite organization – and reduced costs by enabling teams to create assets in-house. By centralising brand assets and guidelines in a single portal, content distribution was improved thanks to the centralised brand hub – to the benefit of $27,800 in three years.

Long-term on-brand benefits

Whilst an all-important ROI figure is key, it’s important to highlight some overall improvement that showed in Forrester Consulting’s findings as a result of the customer interviews:

  • Increased brand adoption granting all employees access to view assets in the centralised brand hub 
  • Improved brand consistency – interactive experience with the brand hub to more fully embrace guidelines
  • Maintained gatekeeping control – the ability to quickly and easily validate and approve any material created from our on-brand template technology
  • Enhanced content quality and improved business outcomes users across brand, marketing, talent acquisitions, and communications could increase focus on crafting relevant messaging and engaging content

Discover how Papirfly delivered significant ROI

Determining the value of your brand management platform is made easier with a study such as the Forrester Consulting TEI study. Whilst the results are from a composite organisation, the specific impact Papirfly can have on your business will be unique to you.

Download the study, and talk through the findings with one of our brand management experts.