The 3 crucial skills most marketing teams are missing

How BAM directly supports work-life balance

The modern marketing teams are constantly shape-shifting to meet growing demand, to adapt their brand and to keep up with the changing marketing landscape.

When your remit as a team expands and when the pressure is on to deliver more, constantly innovating and keeping up to pace with the rest of the business, the cracks can begin to show if there isn’t an additional layer of support. These cracks often form because of visible skill gaps, and leave teams with 3 scenarios to ponder. Do they

  • Hire generalists that can do a bit of everything?
  • Pay top money for specialists in every area of delivery, despite a limited budget?
  • Plug in or increase the use of an agency, at a further cost? 

The answer could lie in a fourth option… technology. If technology can help to enhance the delivery and productivity of existing teams, without requiring additional skill sets, it provides a very effective way to deliver more, with less. 

We’ve identified three of the most common skill gaps that can be easily plugged with tried-and-test tech. 

#1 Technical design expertise

What we mean by this is the ability to understand the technical requirements behind any campaign asset. This could range from knowing the optimal sizes for different social media channels, understanding how a file needs to be set up before going to print, right through to logo sizes and positioning. 

There are many considerations for teams producing content at pace and at scale. Every time you need to resize or export something, there are many checks that need to take place, depending on whether the asset is for print or digital – file formats, resolutions, file sizes and more. 

If you engage a third party to do these tweaks for you, or if you engage your dedicated design team to do this, that’s a lot of resource or money burning which could be better spent on actual design or creativity. 

By using software with pre-defined rules and templates to prepare all assets at their ideal sizes, it takes a huge burden off internal and external creative teams. Through this tech, literally anyone in your team can take these re-sizes and edits in hand. No specialist skills needed.

#2 Video editing

While we can’t expect everyone to become professional video editors overnight, if you don’t have a solution in place to get video content produced, and fast, your team will fall behind. 

There are many tools out there that offer quick, editable templates to get you going, but often there are heavy limitations on how much you can brand them.

On the other side of the spectrum is getting a professional or agency to edit your creations when you need them. However, this takes time and budget that you potentially don’t have when you need a quick turnaround. 

How do you bridge this gap without getting an in-house editor that may only be utilised a handful of times a month? 

How do you guarantee that any tools you use keep everything that’s produced perfectly on-brand? 

How do you ensure your agency can meet your deadline when something needs to be created urgently? 

There is a solution that falls perfectly between the three. Having a video branding tool that incorporates set brand rules, such as titles, dividers, colours, transitions and more. You can get an external agency or in-house team to develop designs once, which can then be programmed to be edited and used an infinite amount of times.

#3 Brand consistency understanding

Even the most brand-savvy individual can’t memorise a brand guideline book off by heart. While tools like BAM by Papirfly™ have a dedicated educate section, it also goes much further to ensure global brand consistency. Every digital, print and video template has predefined rules that make it almost impossible for brand integrity and styling to be compromised. 

This feature gives Brand Managers and guardians complete peace of mind that campaigns aren’t being distorted or incorrectly managed when distributed around the world.

The answer is to work smarter, not harder

While technology will never replace a strategic or creative mind, it can support and substantially make the lives of marketing teams easier, increase the quality of output and take the pressure off in particularly busy periods. 

An all-encompassing solution such as BAM by Papirfly empowers team members at all levels and abilities to quickly and easily create a whole range of assets for marketing, completely tailored to their markets, with minimal effort or skills required. 

Even though particular skills aren’t needed to execute the designs, this is only because of the work that is put into making sure every template produces pixel-perfect marketing. This is honed and perfected, so that what’s delivered is studio standard materials, on time, every time. 

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