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Papirfly Picks: The best tools for talent attraction and retention

Papirfly Picks: The best tools for talent attraction and retention

As recruitment and brand perception continue to intertwine, the employer branding landscape is more competitive than ever. Empowering your teams with the right tools is essential for attracting and retaining top candidates and, ultimately, shaping the future of your organisation.

There are hundreds of tools out there designed to help you streamline your recruitment campaigns, boost employee engagement and increase collaboration. To narrow the list down a little, and help you understand which is best for your brand, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites.

LinkedIn Recruiter for headhunting 

With over 600 million users, LinkedIn boasts ‘the world’s largest network of professionals’. Using the LinkedIn Recruiter tool, you can quickly identify your top applicants, communicate with them directly and snap them up before your competitors.

Speed up the candidate search

With LinkedIn’s Smart Spotlight feature you can speed up your hiring times and automatically refine your search for candidates. For tailored results, the search tool will identify candidates who have already engaged with your company or those more likely to engage in the future.

It will also remove a step from the process by only presenting candidates who have switched on their ‘open to opportunities’ setting to share their availability and career interests with Recruiter users privately.

Show off your employer brand

LinkedIn Recruiter provides so many opportunities to showcase your company culture and freshen up your employer brand personality. It’s a great way to attract new candidates with news, insights and success stories, and convert company followers into new hires.

Target the most relevant candidates

To stand out among the most relevant talent, LinkedIn’s helpful ‘Jobs you may be interested in’ feature allows you to entice passive candidates by appearing in their ‘recommended jobs’. Understanding how users engage with the search feature from a candidate point-of-view is key to maximising its potential.

Recruitee’s applicant tracking system 

Recruitee is a centralised talent pool that makes it quick and easy to track and manage candidates in the hiring funnel. 

This highly collaborative tool helps large and small organisations make better hiring decisions with their entire team. As well as having an incredibly user-friendly interface, it’s also easy to optimise, and scalable for all kinds of recruiting needs.

Simplify the hiring pipeline

Recruitee’s ATS allows for quick and easy sorting of large numbers of applicants. Its visual layout simplifies hiring pipelines by giving your brand an intuitive, editable job site, capturing the information of all your candidates and helping you automate time-consuming tasks such as email responses. 

With almost every part of the recruitment process covered, Recruitee’s ATS system can help you implement clear best practices at each stage.

View tailored insights through one platform

Recruitee’s ATS gives your team a single, intuitive platform to work from. Through individual log-ins, they’ll be able to use the same shared view or, if they’re a manager or head of department, see tailored jobs that are most relevant for them. 

Optimise for your brand

Whether you need an ATS to align with your existing strategy or to launch your recruitment drive from scratch, Recruitee’s software can be customised to support your brand mission. It allows you to advertise jobs on your chosen sites, set appropriate permission levels for different users, integrate APIs and more.

BAM by Papirfly for campaign creation and management

We might be a little biased, but BAM by Papirfly™ easily makes the shortlist – it’s already being used by leading global brands including UnileverCoca-Cola and IBM for employer brand campaign creation and management. It’s packed full of features that will completely transform the way you think about employer brand marketing.

Create studio-quality assets in-house

Custom design templates give you full control over your employer brand marketing materials. With an easy-to-use creative suite, your teams can create on-brand digital, print, social and video assets without having to source help from an external agency.

Be on-brand anywhere in the world

BAM allows teams around the world to view, edit and share marketing materials and brand guidelines. That means easier translation for global markets and no more lost or inconsistent assets – just a single source of truth for everything your brand represents.

Take control of your marketing materials

With a bird’s-eye-view of all your recruitment campaigns, BAM allows you to organise and edit briefs and timelines in an initiative visual planner. Analyse campaign effectiveness and add extra layers of approval that will save you time in the long run by helping your team become more autonomous.

PostBeyond for employee advocacy

Year-on-year, we’re seeing the positive impact that employees can have on employer brand marketing and their increasing potential to influence positive brand perception. PostBeyond is designed to help you empower your employees to become your best brand advocates, attract new hires, and new business. 

Turn employees into influencers

PostBeyond will help you humanise your employer brand with an authentic voice that comes from your employees. Each user can customise their homepage feed and use the ‘Explore’ feature to discover specific types of posts and branded content that resonates with them.

Make sharing simple

PostBeyond makes it easy for your employees to access all the assets you want them to share — whether that’s third-party content or branded materials like articles, videos, product releases and job postings. The software also allows you to monitor sharing and engagement with a built-in dashboard and analytics feature.

Create employee incentives

The Team Leaderboard feature incorporates a fun way to keep employees engaged using an element of gamification. They’ll get a personal score based on their activity and can see how they rank in their own department, as well as overall in your organisation.

Small improvements for employee retention 

Small Improvements facilitates two-way conversations between employees and line managers. Together, they can set objectives, monitor progression and better understand the issues affecting both sides. 

By making it much easier to manage feedback, spot high turnover in individual teams and communicate effectively with employees, Small Improvement’s user-friendly software is great for staying on top of employee retention.

Predict where to focus on retention

Small Improvement’s dashboard analytics helps you predict which employees might be leaving in the near future with colour-coded low, medium and high-risk categories. Having this valuable oversight means you can focus your retention strategy and reduce the chances of losing your best employees.

Spot trends in your turnover

Using a wide range of data, Small Improvements helps you evaluate turnover more effectively. By highlighting issues within specific teams, you can be ready to address the situation before it becomes a major pain point for employees. The software also captures data to tell you how long employees stay with your organisation on average.

Align your brand vision

To keep your employees up-to-date with your employer brand strategy, you can set email reminders and make it easy for them to create and share objectives. This feature is perfect for organising personal and professional goals that align with your overarching brand vision.

What works best for your employer brand?

All these tools and features have their place in helping you navigate the ever-changing employer brand landscape. Choosing what’s right for you will depend on how well they align with your company’s values and brand vision.

To learn more about the game-changing features from BAM by Papirfly™, get in touch to book your personal demo. 

You’ll be guided through some of our favourite tools in the creative suite, and learn about the innovative ways it can transform your employer brand and boost your success as a business.